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Today Is The Day (Please Read This)

March 1, 2019


    Today is the day.

    Today is the day to laugh because it's been a couple of months and you are not sure you can even remember the sound of your own laughter. You deserve to laugh, to smile, to be happy because you have made it this far and although it has been really hard, you have made it and you deserve to be okay.

    Today is the day to tell that person you love them because one day you will not have the chance to tell them and you will regret it if you don't. You deserve to relief that weight on your shoulders and tell them because maybe today they felt like no one loved them and they need it just as much as you. 

    Today is the day to cry because the last few days have been hard to get through and you are starting to feel a lack of emotions. You deserve to show your emotions because keeping them inside will only make them stronger and more painful; they will stab and poke and point and pain you until one day you just . . . break. 

    Today is the day to free yourself because those people you call your friends aren't really your friends; they hurt you and you don't really trust them. You deserve to be healthy and safe and free because this is your life and some people just don't belong in it or they have played their part and now you need to do what is best for you.

    Today is the day to speak your mind because your words matter, what you say and do today will serve as an artifact to show the future you who and what you stood for. You deserve to be a part of the change you want to see in this world; we only live once, we only have the chance to say what has become our truth once, now's your chance.

    Today is the day to live because you don't have to die and I know that sometimes that seems like the best option, but I swear it isn't. There will be bad days and they will hit you until you fall and then they'll kick you when you are down and it'll hurt so goddamn much, but, love, dying is never meant for the little girl who got called fat or the boy who will "never live up to his parents expectations" or the man that just can't seem to get his life in check or the women who's been in and out of rehab. Dying is not meant for teenagers who have been taking pills on the daily just to help them smile or for girls that are called stupid just because they are pretty or boys who aren't in love with girls or anybody who wants to take their own life. Dying is not what you need to escape and today you may not realize that or tomorrow or in a week or month, but I promise one day when you are alive and living, you will realize that even if the pain brings you to your knees there are so many reasons to live whether you can see them or not. I implore you to live.

Today is the day.


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  • Ryder

    Thank you for sharing this :)

    over 1 year ago