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"We accept the love we think we deserve." -Perks of Being a Wallflower

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This is a personal piece about the flaws I see everyday in myself. The reasons why I don't understand the beauty people see, the brilliance, the kindness. I hope you like it.

Do Not Love Me

March 2, 2019


    Do not tell me I am beautiful
    Until you have seen my scars.
    Until you have heard me scream in pain as something someone said pierces my heart.
    Until you have felt the ache of hollowness that lives inside my chest.
    Until you have tasted the bitter-sweetness of being brokenhearted.

    Do not tell me I am perfect
    Until you have seen my imperfections.
    Until you have heard me sob like I have been inhabited by all of the sorrow in the world.
    Until you have read my blackened words, burned by the fire that runs in my veins.
    Until you have witnessed me crumbling to the ground as if I have been shot.

    Do not tell me I am kind
    Until you have felt the shaking that takes over me.
    Until you have had to hold me back from letting the fury that curls in my stomach out.
    Until you have known the glass barrier that separates me from rationality when I hear something that makes my blood rush.
    Until you have heard the absolute passion that takes over me.

    Do not tell me I am brilliant
    Until you have seen me slam my book down in frustration.
    Until you have heard me scream because I am just not enough.
    Until you have noticed the tear stains that freckle the school papers I could not understand.
    Until you have watched me break down about the things I have failed at.

    Do not love me
    If you are going to leave,
    Cause me to grief,
    Make me cry,
    Tear me apart,
    And break my heart. 


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  • Jae

    this is great, and i completely agree with riley noel, you can't say your beautiful by just looking at them.
    beautifully written and i love your word choice!

    over 1 year ago
  • Riley Noel

    This piece is absolutely stunning! I love the way you want your lover to ensure they are capable of loving every part of you not just the parts you show to the world :)

    over 1 year ago