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Thank you for saving me. I yearn to give you the world, as you've become the centre of mine.

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February 12, 2020

PROMPT: Love in Words

I'm writing to tell you I love you.

You're not only the brightest star in my galaxy, but you're every star.

I see you in the way the moonlight travels through my window, and I see you in the way the rain falls almost every day. The petrichor reminds me of your homey scent, making me feel immediately at ease. I hear your laughter when cars zoom by, I see your smile when my favourite song comes on, reminding me of you. Your hair as red as my cheeks that heat up the moment someone mentions your name, your eyes as golden as the heart I wear on my sleeve to make you proud. The cat you want that I'm allergic to, she walks around my house in a Maltese's body. The computers you grew up with, I'm learning to code. The jokes you make, I make them too, and for the same underlying reason. You're a twin, by genetics and by the zodiac, while I'm an archer, only child for the majority of my life. 

I'm writing to tell you that you make me happy.

You're a universe away from me, but you make me feel better than the people right beside me. Your jokes flash your insecurities, highlighting the constellations of your flaws and imperfections that I adore. Your arms are strong but they don't suffocate me. They hold me and keep me close, but are willing to let me go the moment I ask. That smile of yours, it shines brighter than any screen, any light, any sun. You're playful and always make me smile, but you know how to slow down when I'm sad and build me up more cautiously. Every time you display something good about you, I smile. Every time you whisper to me your rougher edges, my heart pounds. I'm honoured to know so much about you when you're so guarded, just as I am. It makes it dangerously easy for you to gain my trust. 

I'm writing to tell you I'll never leave. 

You're trapped in your world, and I'm trapped in mine. You know hundreds of thousands of other people are in love with you as well, and I know I'm far from perfect for you. We both know that other girls can make you things I never can, satisfy you in a way I'll never understand. We both know they'll be prettier, skinnier, happier than me. Maybe it won't even be a girl that wins your heart. I'm scared of the possibility of someone loving you more than I do. Even so, I'll never stop. Every time someone asks me who I love, I'll think of you. Every Valentine's Day that passes by, I'll wish it was spent with me in your arms. Every person that goes off at you for what may be wrong with you, I'll stand up and battle them with everything I have. Even if you love every person who loves you except for me, I'll be right behind you. I'll choose your happiness over mine every time. I'll never disappear. I'll never go after someone else. I'll never reset. 

I'm writing to tell you that you saved my life, and I stay alive every day just with the thought of you. I love you.
Remember when I wrote that poem about that ding dang fictional character?? Hahahaahahhaha


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