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I'm really hoping this doesn't violate any of the WtW guidelines or anything, because I really like it XD I hope you do too, and that it doesn't horrify you (except in a good way!) :D

#plottwist (STC)

February 28, 2019


A camera turns on to show a round-faced girl with blonde hair sitting in an interrogation room with a police officer sitting across from her. He is scribbling notes as the girl speaks.

     "Alright, Annika. Tell us what you know."

     "Okay. Uh, my name is Annika Brown. I'm 17 years old and I live in Clarksville, Tennessee. But the night that it happened, I wasn't in Clarksville. In fact, I was in L.A. for vacation. My friends and I were all at the...the theater, the movie theater. A couple of us had gone to get popcorn and stuff."

     "Can you remember what movie you were seeing?"

    "Um..I don't."

     "Okay. Go on."

     "Jacob and Karla had gone to get popcorn. I think May was in the bathroom. So it was just me and Cameron and Ella. The movie started and we were sitting in the dark for a minute, just waiting for the previews to end and for the others to come back. Then something...happened. Somebody pulled a gun or something."

     "Do you remember when that happened? The time, or how far in the movie was?"

     "I-I do. The movie had just started and the title was coming over the screen. It scared us all half to death and everybody ducked under the seats and tried to run, and it was just...chaotic."

     "Could you see where the shots were coming from? Did you see what they looked like?"

     The girl is on the verge of tears now. "I c-could...they were blonde...and they were wearing a p-pink shirt with purple stars on the s-sleeves."

     She looks up. "It was me. I fired the sh-shots. It was my fault."


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  • Dmoral13

    Winners posted:

    11 months ago
  • chethana

    Whoa, the plot twist was amazing! This an amazing writing prompt to write a long story to!

    12 months ago
  • majestically awkward manatee

    I really like the plot twist here :)

    12 months ago