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poetic sidenote 2

March 3, 2016


“Take a picture it last longer“
Is that supposed to mean that an image is forever, or is it something that gives you immortality?
Because I know for a fact that a picture won’t last forever.
They get torn up, lost, forgotten, and sometimes burn.
Of course in an effort to save them we evolve technology, we turn the pictures into data and store it on sd cards.
SD cards that could get lost, forgotten and stolen.
Data could become corrupted or deleted.
“Well, I have my memories” you may say.
The Sad thing about your memories is they only last as long as you.
Or you could contract some disease that slowly eats away your memory.
You could get long and short term memory lost through some traumatic experience.
Alzheimer's is a common thing among the elderly.
Don’t worry though images aren’t the only thing that can die.
Your voice could and so can your words.
Even these words here that I'm typing will die maybe today or tomorrow.
Maybe someone may hack into my computer and decide to erase all of my work.
Claiming ignorance or just out of spite.
Unless we do something big we will always be below the fist of the powerful.
History is always written by the victors never the renegades.


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