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"We are warriors, and we will fight"- Warrior

"They broke the wrong parts of me- they broke my wings but forgot I had claws."- Anonymous

"Throw me to the wolves and you will see me return- as the leader of the pack"- Anonymous

"I don't need a weapon- I am one."- Anonymous

"If you kick me when I'm down, you'd better pray to whatever gods you look up to that I don't get up."- Anonymous

"The beast inside me is sleeping, not dead.
wake her at you own risk."

A Fallen King

March 1, 2019


He walked through the high grasses, his blood leaving a telltale trail to any predator desperate enough to attack him. His mind spun. Sitting down abruptly to steady himself, he tried to remember what had happened the night before. Although it was only a few hours back, his memory was shrouded with the confusion and panic of the attack. They were enjoying the fruits of a successful hunt, he recalled. The three best lionesses had taken down a gazelle, and there was enough food for everyone. Those three lionesses, he realized with a pang of regret, were dead. Slaughtered defending the cubs while he was on the way back from a patrol around his borders. Not his anymore, he thought. No. He was an outsider, a disgrace. A threat. To something that he would never have considered himself a danger to before. He had lost everything. His pride, his territory, everything he had ever known. A sharp burst of pain in the side of his head brought him back to reality. He got up and kept walking, vision blurred. A part of his mind told him he had lost too much blood, that this pain could be fatal, but he pushed it away. He walked on, each step more feeble than the last. In the distance, a dark shape flickered. It came closer and he recognized it as a human hunter. They came and went every so often, leaving quick death in their wake. The noise they made when they killed was like a thunderclap, heard all over the plains. They could make an animal drop dead from far in the distance. These thoughts evoked an instinctual fear deep within him, but he knew that he was hurt too badly to run. The hunter slowly advanced, until his outline was clear against the rising sun. He carried what resembled a long strip of wood. As he contemplated the situation, he understood he had nowhere to go. No pride, no territory and he was acutely wounded. With these thoughts came an sudden awareness. A bleak anticipation. The hunter lifted his weapon, now only a few leaps away. The lion raised his head, and beheld the sunrise for the last time.


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  • SparklingEmbers

    This is really good and I love how you made it in the lions prospective!!

    6 months ago
  • etheryal

    wow i really like how you wrote this in the lion's perspective and the ending is really good it's as though the lions accepts that he has nothing left ... good job and keep writing!! :D

    6 months ago
  • KittyTheCheshireCat


    7 months ago
  • LittleWolf

    I really like the perspective!

    7 months ago