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it's always a semicolon; i suddenly stop writing then i start again.

this is tired

February 28, 2019


the sun says rest,
the moon says hi.
the warm feeling of cold
slowly sits by.

this is tired.

after a long day at school,
at work,
on the way to wherever
ever could take you-

the bed sounds good,
but food would be better.
my body whispers,
the night's here-
who would want a tomorrow?

sleep, hug me tight-
bed, never leave me...
just a warm coffee and a movie,
i want the rest for tonight.

this is tired.

when endless cycle starts,
It tears you up again and again
and when the day seems forever
Then all the one you see
is just the end of the race,

this is tired. 

when you're breathless,
stressed as it is,
just wanted to hug night for the longest time-

yes, tired.

Nice to meet you.
are you tired too?
I am tired, and I guess you are too so don't forget to take a rest. 4th poem of the series. Thoughts?? 


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  • Lissie

    I am always tired

    10 months ago