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Wrong But True

April 4, 2019


You’ve probably seen a lot of pieces about the government, but mine is slightly different and maybe slightly the same, but because I’m a different person than everyone else, my story is slightly different. Every night, when I watch the 10:00 news, I sit and wonder why everyone is so content with the world we live in, and if their not, why aren’t we seeing a change? I know that it takes a lot for a drastic change, but we, the people, even those who aren’t involved in politics can still be seen, heard, and can make a difference. But why isn’t that happening. I’ve heard many a person talk about how horrible, and wretched our society and government is, but if you ask them what their doing to make a difference, most people will just tell you that they can’t, they don’t have time, or they want the politicians to make a move. The politicians can only do so much. Our Constitution reads “We the People,” not we the white, male politicians. It refers to all, no matter what race, ethnicity, cultural background, or religion you come from, it doesn’t matter. When enough people care about something so much they want to make a change, well that’s powerful. That’s something that isn’t often seen, only talked about, but we all need to get up and make a difference. Whether, your 8, or your 80, it doesn’t matter. You can make a difference because you have a voice. And your voice cannot be matched by any other.


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  • ProcrastinatingWriter

    This is a really powerful piece and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to hear more of your writing!

    almost 2 years ago