The night sky by eric hines

Aria Baldi

United States

I Saw A Toad

March 2, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

Driving down the road
I see a toad
His eyes dark
his skin green

He smiles
He begiles
though in darkness
is his heart

he looked so happy
car so snappy
everyone admired him
he was always laughing
He was so handsome
and always danced some
his life was perfect
or so we thought

until his son
held him ransom
for his own money
that wasn't as funny

then he lost it all
age struck and he wasn't so tall
wasn't so big
didn't have it all

I saw a toad
on the road
his skin made of paper
he looked truly happy

I asked him why,
and his reply
the money never mattered

I'm happier now
he said cocking his brow
son money doesn't matter


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