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Uh hi, I'm Anthia. I am a writer by nature, but I decided to do something with the pieces I create. I also play the guitar, and I write songs/raps as well, but this WTW account is mainly focused on more traditional styles. Anyway, I'm just a kid trying to figure out my life, but I hope you will come along on the ride with me.

Times New Roman

February 27, 2019


"Write it in Times New Roman."
"It's professional."
"It's the way of the World."
"This is the way we want to you to write it."
"Follow the guidelines."
"Write it the way I tell you to."
"Use the Rubric."
"Now is not the time to try something new."

All of the English teachers we have ever had have said all of these at least once.
We go through school and learn the "way" to write. 
We start with letters. and we learn that these are the only letters that are valid.
Then we move to sentences and we learn that we need to have variety.
But we can't have uniqueness.
We learn to read out loud as normal as possible and to leave the emotion at home. 
We learn that a poem should just be words not art. 

And then we go home. 
And cry. 

We write something real.
Something raw. 
Something radical.
And then we shred it. 
We rip it into pieces.
But not before it gets drenched with our tears.

We wonder why we can't write well. 
We wonder why we prefer to type in Comic Sans instead of Times New Roman. 
We wonder why it doesn't rhyme perfectly. 
We wonder why it evokes so much emotion.
We wonder why there is so much repetition.
We wonder why we can’t write well.
We wonder why.

And then we stop.
And cry.

We stop writing.
We stop reading. 
We stop talking. 
We stop laughing. 
We stop sighing.
We stop writing. 
We stop. 

And then we die.
And cry.

We become shells of ourselves.
We become robots.
We become machines.
We become the children of rubrics and guidelines.
We become experts on the “right” way to write.
We become shells of ourselves.
We become. 

And then we grow up. 
And cry. 

We hate expressing ourselves. 
We hate having emotions.
We hate change. 
We hate people who are different than us.
We hate realizing we’re wrong.
We hate expressing ourselves.
We hate.

I wondered why I couldn’t write “well.”
I wondered why I preferred to type in Comic Sans instead of Times New Roman.
I wondered why it didn’t rhyme perfectly.
I wondered why it evoked so much emotion.
I wondered why there was so much repetition.
I wondered why I couldn’t write “well.”
I wondered why.

And then I figured it out.
And stoped crying.

I stopped writing for others.
I stopped reading the rubric.
I stopped talking to English teachers.
I stopped laughing at my work.
I stopped sighing out of frustration.
I stopped writing for others.
I stopped.

And it worked.
And I never cried again.

But if you ask your English teachers they’ll tell you not to trust this. 
Becuase it’s not typed in Times New Roman.



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  • Jae

    yes, yes, i def. agree with you about the times new roman font! writing is more than just words, it's like someones soul, so it shouldn't be categorized in a font. great word choice and detail!

    over 1 year ago
  • Aussie23

    Once I finished this I thought, Wow.

    over 1 year ago