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Let me know if this sparked a sense of patriotism in you!

The Patriot In Me

February 27, 2019


Recently, 13 days ago precisely, India was bombed by some terrorists in Pulwama district of Kashmir. This attack came to be known as the Pulwama attack. About 40 Indian soldier's lives were sacrificed and many were injured. There were strikes all over the country, but we could not do anything except mourn and pray for their families. This attack was truly a tragedy and was a reminder for us all about the danger the army goes through for us, risking their lives.

Yesterday, my mom came home from work and immediately switched on the television and the Pulwama attack was all over the news. I asked her what happened and she told me that India had successfully completed an air strike on the terrorist camps. My interest in the Army, Navy and the Air Force has already increased due to the various movies I have watched and it helped me learn how to respect the Jawaans (soldiers). We sat in front of the television for at least two hours, listening to the same news over and over again with more and more added details.

The reason I am writing this is because I have gained a new respect for the soldiers, their supportive families and even the government. I had always respected them, but after all these incidents, I respect them even more. The Prime Minister of India was awake the whole night before the mission and monitored it all. He was beaming with happiness while walking to the meeting where he told everyone about the air strike. It is a very big achievement for India. The clips shown in the news showed us the proud Indian soldiers singing patriotic songs with their heart. We could hear the contentment in their voices and see the satisfaction on their faces and there was a sense of sheer pride and respect in the air. The strike was conducted at 3 am in the morning. When we were all fast asleep, tension- free, thinking the next day is going to be just another ordinary day.

After seeing all these patriotic movies and movements in the country, I personally feel like joining the Indian Army, Air Force or the Navy. But, there has a to be a level of fitness, discipline, and most of all, determination to do that, which I do not have. The amount of courage and will power needed to be part of any of these services is tremendous, the thought of just leaving your family and comfort behind, the thought that one may not come back really scares me. But I will always do what I can as a citizen, and support them in any way. Any fellow Indian, or even a responsible citizen would understand my feelings and feel the pride I am feeling. I feel like a winner and it is because India has achieved victory and glory because of strong minded and determined soldiers of our country. I salute all those who work to protect their countries and hope to support them in any way possible. 


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  • buddingauthor

    Thankyou and yes, it is a terrible thing. But we fought back.

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    *salutes* Definitely sparked a sense of patriotism.
    I'm very sorry to hear about the bombing; that's a terrible thing for anyone to do.

    9 months ago