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Something Scary

February 27, 2019


I cut out my tongue to stop from spilling my secrets.
I hide in the dark to avoid prying eyes.
No longer am I a normal girl,
But a withered away soul.
The nashing of teeth and sobbing into the walls is a new normal.
The graphic stories is the new normal.
I love to be the new nightmare in my own head.
The monster under my bed sleeps with me,
in my head.
It's made a permanent residence within.
Madness rules and I have conceded.
What started out as an idea became a gruesome reality,
A daydream.
To my mothers burden,
my fathers embarrassment,
my brothers horror.
I am a creature of my own design.
Once a girl,
now the creature that lived under my bed. 
the gruesome sight before you is me, I rule this nightmare like a queen reigns her kingdom. 
I delight in the wicked games we play and sing to the hymns. 
This is my game, and I love it. 
I cut out my tongue to keep from spilling all my secrets. 


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  • February 27, 2019 - 1:05am (Now Viewing)

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  • the bubbling pen

    Woahhhh - I agree, this is something scary! But your vivid descriptions and metaphors are so stunning and really had me enraptured :) I think it would be fantastic if you could make a 'part 2' that shows a recovery or reprieve from this condition, maybe saying how you found someone or a hobby that has helped you find your original self? (totally up to you by the way). Amazing work <3

    almost 2 years ago