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Fragmented thoughts on stars- unfinished.


March 2, 2016


Stars and dust. Swirling mounds of rock and ice floating through the vacuum. Debris from the biggest explosion the universe has ever seen. Riding off the coat-tails of the blast. Blazing heat and light, freezing cold and nothingness. They burn, they grow, they shrink, they die. They explode, they disperse, they become voids that devour everything near them including light and time. They go so fast and then they're gone. 
Red yellow blue white, dwarf giant, nebula protostar main sequence supernova neutron star black hole. 
There the cycle goes again. There's another star born, another dying, another with a tiny blue dot orbiting around it at breakneck speed. The planet that goes around the star, spinning around one arm of a galaxy, spiraling around the center, hurtling through space. One star of trillions. Always spinning and moving and burning through space. 


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