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Message to Readers

This is loosely based on my piece for dmoral1's contest (I think?) forever ago, "Lost to The Dust". I really liked that one and wanted to continue it, so here it is! XD Enjoy!

Please note that it's set in the future, possibly dystopian.

All We Ever Knew: Prologue

March 4, 2019


“Are you serious?”

“Dead serious. Mr. Renner said we’ll get to pick four experiments to do next month.”

“That’s fantastic! Maybe I’ll be able to finish the project I’ve been doing all month.”

“What’s your project again?” Kyle’s friend McKenna asked, shoving her hair out of her face.

Kyle raised an eyebrow. “You don’t remember? I’m trying to figure out why people and, you know, Jacob’s hairbrush…are disappearing.”

McKenna rolled her eyes. “That’s right,” she rubbed her forehead exasperatedly. “Jacob’s hairbrush. That boy needs to cut it out already.”

Kyle nodded. He pulled out a notebook and flipped through its pages. “I’ve got 3 theories so far, but I haven’t gotten to test them yet. I’m planning to ask Mr. Renner and maybe Mrs. Linz if I can test some of them today.”

“Okay, class, this period is over!” the teacher called. “Head outside for gym.”

“They’ve taken another one.”

”What?” Raina stood up, nearly knocking her chair over. “Another one?”

Celia nodded gravely. “There’s only a few left. Soon there will be none.” 

Raina glanced over to the corner of the room, where her baby son was sleeping peacefully with a tiny smile on his face, completely unaware. “What are we gonna do?”

”We need to help more children than just Job,” Celia said. “We need to help them all. All 15 of them.”

Raina sighed. “You’re right.” She looked at her sister helplessly. “But how?”

“I don’t know,” Celia admitted, feeling equally helpless. “But there has to be something.”


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  • Juliana

    You should go listen to the song All We Ever Knew by OH Wonder. I saw your title and it just started playing in my head, haha

    about 1 year ago