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I Dare You - Part 4

February 26, 2019


    It's been a month since I've been captured and taken away here.  I've gotten to know all the guys and I found a good group to stick around: the nerdy guys.  The other guys looked at me like, "Why would a pretty girl like you sit with those ugly--?"  There's a bad word in there :D  
   I sat with them because I could relate to them so easily.  I might have looks, but I am a complete geek.  We argue about best old groups and bands (mine is Boyz II Men) and the best songs and good video games and all that.  (The video games got everyone talking because I was hella good :D)
    "Brooklyn, I'm pretty sure you can't win against me in Fornite," said Dean Matrial.
    I looked at him with a sly look and said, "Is that a challenge?"
    "Oh?  She wants to play...  Challenge accepted."
    Now, lemme tell you this...  Dean is hella good at Fortnite.  Like that good that he beat everyone he played.
    We sat down on the couch and started to play, me on one TV and him on the other.  It was going pretty good, I got like 20 kills (no joke) and he got like 10.  He was getting slammed by his friends saying that a girl was better than him.  Hehe...  That's right, Dean Matrial.
    It was final two.  We were shooting at each other and kept missing when suddenly the door busted open.  I yelped along with everyone else.
    "Brooklyn Butler?" someone said.
    I looked up and shakily stood.  I looked around at everyone and the guys looked around at me.  "I'm here.  What do you want?"
    "You are to be sent off to act as a spy.  Come with us now.  Your mission will be explained in full detail."
    "I dare you..."


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  • .audrey michelle.

    tysm :D

    over 1 year ago
  • Jae

    i love this one so much!!!!
    i have been following along, reading your other i dare you's and they are equally good! love it! can't wait for more!

    over 1 year ago
  • .audrey michelle.

    tysm <3 :D

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Also love how 'I dare you' was repeated here! <3 :DD

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Ooh! I need to know what's going on........ this sounds like it's getting really, really awesome! And there's still the mystery of where she is exactly and who that guy in the first chapter was..... now you're adding another mystery!! Fantastic job keeping the suspense coming and the storyline going!! A little setting description would help in this and the last chapter, but the dialogue and action are good and solid. I can't wait for more!!!! :DDD

    over 1 year ago