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Triggered 2

February 26, 2019


Some people screamed. Some people ran. Some people cried. Some people fainted. 

    But no one was calm, except for one man. 

    Aaron Martin. 

    He raced back into his city, Skolam. He rushed into his Weapons Department and grabbed a Pulsator, a heavy, powerful sniper that shoots a white beam of raw, hot light, making a pulsing sound in the process. Aaron also put a Cracker, a fast, powerful handgun, in his pocket. He rushed out and shot the monster, who was crushing buildings and destroying Skolam. The ray hot it like a wrecking ball, and the Cyclopes stumbled back, roaring in pain. There was a visible, smoking hole in its left leg. By this time, the police force had closed off the area. People were watching in fear and anxiety. Aaron shot again, near the same spot. The huge beast wailed and tried to stand, but its left leg failed it. The Pulsator drew energy and power from the sun and light. He put the sniper down and fires ten shots from the Cracker at the Cyclopes other leg. As the name provides, each shot came out with a cracking sound and hit with a loud Pop! The Cyclopes clearly was not having a great time. 

    Picking up his sniper, Aaron ran to the monster. Aaron had dealt with all sorts of creatures while building Skolam, but this was by far the most dangerous. Aaron threw a flashbang at the monster. Thanks to his advanced clothing, it enhanced his strength, speed, and agility. The flashbang flew far and exploded just before the Cyclopes' eyes. Aaron knew these creatures were afraid and weakened by strong light. The flash disorientated and blinded the Cyclopes. Aaron knelt down and aimed his sniper for the monster's eye. He zoomed in and waited. 

    Waited for the right moment. The perfect moment.

    Waited. Waited. Waited. W--

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Coming soon...


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  • Legendary Grapes

    :) :P :D :B :p :b :J

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    Definitely going to be waiting for more! :DD This is really fantastic; you're really good with action scenes :D
    One thing that might help readability though is to use pronouns a little more often and the characters' names a little less; it's nothing major though and barely detracts from the writing at all :)
    Please continue this soon! I'd love to read it :DDD

    11 months ago