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its ya boi

time's fabric

February 26, 2019


some of them want
to abuse you
some of them will be abused
sweet dreams
are made of this?

the thought of being in "holy matrimony"
is different for all of those who 
their sweet dreams

im a boy
sweat and dirt in my pores
my job is to make noise
to crack the earth in two
so atlas will scramble in a frenzy

who am i to disagree?
everyone's looking for something.

i will wear a tricorn hat
and hold the tatters of jackets
that belonged to my fallen brothers
blood on my face
a big disgrace.

stomp your feet
to the beat of sorrow
but it is masked over
with the pandemonium 
of notes
he lies wth a spiked armband
in a casket lined with velvet.

i sing with john denver
peering at me through thick glassed lenses
and loose flowered tops.

dance with Mary, The Virgin Queen
hope to catch her eye one of these days
but her hand remains untaken
until the day her eyes close on the world
for the last time

billie jean is not my lover
watch the man in satin shoes glide across
the ebony stage
his fedora tipped over his face
mj's looking fly



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