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Vow of Silence: Day Two, Three, Four, Five (Oops!)

February 26, 2019


    So I just realised that I haven't written anything on my vow of silence for a week now. First, if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the link to my first journal entry: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/104386/version/198093. 
Anyways, just as a refresher, I'm taking a vow of silence for three weeks, this being the second, and cannot speak or write to communicate. It has been a challenge, for me and my peers, and I am up to six mistakes already. I believe I can persevere, however.
    It apparently has caused a lot of stress on one of my best friends, which confuses me because she doesn't talk to me that often anyways and it's my problem, not hers. I don't give her trash about it, though. We all have our own problems. 
    The hardest part of doing this is the fact that I can no longer contribute to conversations. Someone will be talking and I will think of something but remember that I can't say it. So i quickly look up a picture of what I'm trying to talk about but by then the conversation has moved on. It's hard.
    Another thing I have been recently running into is people stating that "If you don't say anything, you are gay!" Oh man, you sure got me there. It's things like that that make me admire how the intelligent people of the world are still somehow around.
    People keep asking me about how I'm doing or why I'm doing this or how to do something and I just give them that stare that says Dude, really? Sometimes people just forget, but it's the people that know it for a fact that annoy me. Or when I'm trying to show someone something and they just look at me like I'm crazy. If you ever have that feeling, try getting it every time you want to say something. 
    This whole operation has made me realise how much we take words for granted. Even the one or two we say to ourselves under out breath. If you want to see how this feels, I encourage you to try something like this. But before you run off and do that, let me give you a few tips. 
1) Ask yourself why. Think about your reason for doing it. Is it a religious reason? Are you taking a stand against politics? Or do you just want to learn how to communicate better? Take into consideration all of these things.
2) Ask yourself how. Remember that not all vows are the same. Some people might swear off communication altogether, and some might just limit themselves to a few words a day. Think about what rules you are going to set for yourself. Remember to make sure they are doable but still challenging. Do research on what other people do for their vows of silence. 
3) Tell people you are going to do it. Find a few close friends and warn them that you are going to do this. Have a journal or something at the ready to write your thoughts down so you don't forget them. Think about the challenges that will approach you and be ready for them.
    That's all from me this time! If you want to know more, hit me up with an email at tophatkoifish369gmail.com. Tell me about your own experiences with this stuff and how it affected you. Bye for now!


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