Existence is terrifying.

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February 26, 2019


Above the mighty concrete barrels, an amberous flame briskly erupted from amidst the plumes of vapor. I stop in my tracks to curiously stare at the anomalous scene, ‘Meltdown,’ I immediately assumed. On the fossil grey courtyard below, a dozen field workers - dressed in milk white and a canary yellow helmet - reflexively turned and jolted away in panic of the imminent disaster.
The ground directly under the towering exhausts rumbled and gave away. A crater the size of an elephant caved in to reveal the interior of the reactor. A hot, viscous fog with a small tint of beige and chartreuse green rose from the tunnel. The radioactive fume hissed as it tumbled around the regions near the plant, engulfing a few woeful employees who did not react quick enough to the cues of catastrophe.
Meanwhile, a violent ravine forcefully tore its way down from the rim of the cooling tower. Massive chunks and boulders of birch colored concrete carved vein-ish fractures upon the base of the plant. The once sturdy fortress of indefinite power waxed and waned as its centre of mass tipped outside its broad foundations.
Another explosion, magnitudes louder than the last, blew a window upwards and outwards from the sides of the already collapsing tower, rattling the steel fences around the endangered power plant. Pipelines racing between the different facilities burst one by one - like an antique car engine struggling to properly work its pistons - spraying out a ghostly and fine mist of toxic substance.
Even from half a mile away and a hundred feet up, the air distinctively stank like death. The poisonous scent of uranium produced a pungent metallic taste. The ink black ash and smoke created an arid smell of burning ember. The two pernicious produces of the unfortunate accident immediately caused an unpleasant dizzying sensation.
The tower now seemed as if it was hanging by a single loose thread hooked onto the ground on one side. The last points of tension keeping the tower from toppling over cried out into the morning sky like an old brass table carelessly draped across a squeaky ceramic tiling, begging to be finally liberated from its burdensome duty.
At last, a deep but thunderous snap echoed throughout the region, the tower quickly began hurdling for the ground. The sheer mass and hence momentum of the structure swung terrifyingly towards the hard surface. I shut my ears to prevent them being damaged. The tower smashed through the hollow groundworks, the deafening shockwave emitted from it easily travelled ten football fields worth of air, and effortlessly penetrated through the flesh of my hands, still shielding my fragile ears.
Gargantuan clouds of smoke from emergent fire and excess leaks of radioactive haze ascended upwards, nearly blotting out the sun itself. The lethal duo of noxious substances diffused above the metropolitan skyline, ready to silently rain down onto unsuspecting civilians if it weren’t for the hasty reaction by the authorities. The sirens sounded, and the city was to be evacuated.


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  • Taplur

    Hey, this is some great story writing, you should really expand on this. A story on the aftermath of this would interest me a great deal. I would like it if you could expand on how people turn to cannibalization and turn on each other.

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Hello! Welcome to WtW, Awesome-Writer-Dude!!! Keep going totally :DDD
    Will this be continued?????? It's really fantastic :D

    9 months ago