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Message to Readers

I have NO IDEA what exactly this is. It's more like a collage of all the semi-poetic sentences that flash through my mind daily. So... enjoy my weird poem collage? (idk man just have fun reading I guess)

The orderly chaos of beautifully unattractive internal sludge

February 26, 2019


Smatterings of applause to the smudged up mush
Even a soldier of the heart is able to be ambushed
A dull shake of shock from conversation therapy
Who knew open hearts could ever crack so easily?

The spider spins wreaths of silky-fine falsehoods
A cannibal scorpion hiding his stinger in the woods
Prevaricate the truth and then barricade the youth
Mourning loss over loss from self-induced ruth

Unaccepted unorthodox swaying ways to make way
For broken teacups and shattered brown saints of clay
A rain of putrid acid love to rain down from high above
Shot point blank in the spine with a pattering of shoves

Two stabs in the back followed by a headbutt to the front
To wound the chosen prey for society’s most famed hunt
Like a twice-dead butterfly with crumpled wings of steel
Unable to take flight and yet still unable to yield

Backwards forwards steps that make sideways minds
Always easier to leave than be the one left behind
Settle passively instead for the doubts most repugnant
How dare we dispute the stars in their night splendor judgement?

Insignificant parasites on a world so cavernous it hurts
Conjuring hypnotic thrumming drums of varying hertz
A bloody broken mess of rage without apology
A muttered silent eulogy for only a euphony of a community

Shivering in layers of desperate needy adoration
Twist and turn in sweaty bed sheets that cry for caution
Tormented dreams that manifest themselves as daily thoughts
Running as the harbingers for the collapse of nought

Amalgamations and conglomerations of emotions
The light and the agonised fending off ferocious commotions
Getting up from bed everyday only to put up another fight
One last step to the ultimate freedom that shines way, way too bright


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  • omicron7889

    OH FINEEE OKAY YOU GET FULL CREDIT FOR THE WORDS 'POEM COLLAGE' :)) I like that you like my 'wonderful/genius/wacky' thought lines it's nice to know that. yeyy

    over 2 years ago
  • nezi_nes

    Firstly, what kind of a person would have thoughts as wonderful/genius/wacky as this on a daily basis? Seriously, I love all these rhymes and conjurations of things that somehow all make obscure sense. Secondly, if you didn't know already, the answer to the first question is you. Thirdly, I CAME UP WITH THE WORDS "POEM COLLAGE" AND YOU KNOW IT HMHMHMHM

    over 2 years ago
  • omicron7889


    over 2 years ago
  • Aldrich

    Oh, what a beautiful piece! Those words remain sizzling inside my mouth. Wow! Beautifully worded, it's a piece beautifully read, and beautifully spoken. Beautifully done!

    over 2 years ago