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Message to Readers

I understand that this is not what the prompt was intended for but I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

Clickbait Fiction

March 1, 2016

PROMPT: Headline

The Five Times the Main Character Dismissed Her Feelings and the One Time She Didn't! The Reason will Shock You!

Readers Hate Her! This Author Discovered the Shocking Ratio of Dead Characters to Every Alive One!

You Won't Believe How This Main Character Dealt With Their Complication! The Answer Is Not What You Think!

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  • Yashshree Raj Bisht

    I love the twist you put to it. So funny and intriguing

    over 2 years ago
  • winnie.

    ah yes, my least favourite form of journalism with a sibby twist! this is perfection.

    almost 3 years ago