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Room 6

February 27, 2019


Room 6

Chapter 1
   I expertly slammed my elbow into Josh Morris’ temple. He stumbled backwards. He grimaced as he lightly ran his slender fingers along the quickly forming bruise. He glared at me, and I glared right back. He sent a quick glance at his buddies. He came at me again, hot anger in his eyes. I calmly watched his movements. He grabbed my collar, fist ready to punch. I lightly touched his hand that was clutching me with my left hand, and the same time I slammed my palm into his face, stunning him. I kicked the inside of his knee, and had him on the floor, his arm locked behind him in a painful position-all in less than 5 seconds. After a couple seconds, I got off of him, but slammed a knee into his face, instantly knocking him unconscious.
  6 teachers ran into the alley, followed by another 13 year old. Great, someone had ratted out on me..again. They rushed in, 3 grabbing me, 3 checking on Josh. They all glared at me. The 3 holding me escorted me to the principal's office. They sat me down, and stayed about 6 inches away from me. Just so you know, teachers don’t care about personal space. Especially when you are the troublemaker of the school.
   I slumped down, and glared at the principle.
 “Clara. Do we really have to keep meeting like this? I have other things to do. What happened this time?”
 “He insulted Hannah again.”
  “Clara, that wasn’t a good thing for him to do, but does that really mean he should go to the hospital...again? I’m not sure how long I can keep the Morris’s from pressing charges. Every hospital trip costs them money.”
  “He deserved it. And his parents deserve it. They should teach him better. He should know by now not to mess with my sister.”
 “Just a minute.”
 He got up, and walked into another room. I heard the sound of a scratching pen.
  “Give this to your parents. You are released from school early. Mr Jones, please escort her home.”
  “Yes, sir.”
  Mr. Jones was a police officer. Teaching was just his second job. I glared at him, my mind racing at a way to escape...again.
 “Don’t even think about it missy. Don’t make me handcuff you. I’d prefer not to. And you know I can always find you.”
  Despite his “kind” warning, I dashed down one of the halls. I knew this school very well. But so did he. Unfortunately. I ran out the side entrance, and ran at full speed to the woods. I dodged the trees, and vines. I looked back. Good, he wasn’t following. After a good 20 minutes of running, I decided to go to my favorite place. He didn’t know about it. I might be safe. I ran another mile to the waterfall. I folded up my jeans, and sat on a hidden rock, letting my feet slide into the water. I grabbed a quick drink, then just sat there, letting the tears run down my face.
    Mr. Jones watched her run away. He had seen the desperation in her eyes. He walked to his car, and let Daisy, his German Shepherd police dog out of the car. “Find Clara.”  Daisy was used to this. She sniffed the air, and pulled in the direction of the forest.
    Leaves crunched behind me. I wiped my face in one smooth movement. A wet nose came and lightly touched my hand. Daisy gently licked my face. I slid me hands down her slender head, gently patting her. She was a good dog. Sweet thing. She lay down, and relaxed against my legs.
  I sighed, waiting for Jones to say it was time to come back. Instead he came a sat by me, on the other side of Daisy, He didn’t say anything, just stared into the water, so I did the same. He let me stay there for 10 minutes, before saying it was time to leave. I was hesitant to follow him, but Daisy nudged me. She walked beside me the whole time.
  Jones opened the back door to the car, and I slid in. Daisy jumped in after me. She laid down next to me again, and let her head drop into my lap. I rubbed her soft ears for the whole car ride back to my house. Jones went up to the door, and Mom answered it.
She gave him a fake smile. We came in, and I went straight to the stairs. “Wait. Don’t you have something to give your mother?”
   I stomped back down the stairs, handed my mother the note from the principle, and went back to my room.
    I watched Jones’ car pull out of the driveway, then listened to my parents argue. I sighed, and slumped in front of my computer. I checked my email, and then looked at facebook, wondering what Mom and Dad were arguing about.


Chapter 2
  “We are sending you to boot camp.” Those words hit me hard. I sat in a daze, as my parents stared at the floor, guilt and sadness written all over their faces. “It was the principal's suggestion. He said it might help all the fighting. And he could probably keep you from getting arrested. And the Morris’s wouldn’t press charges. It isn’t expensive. We know you are just trying to protect your sister, but it’s about time she grew up, and took care of herself. Does she even know how you protect her?” I shake my head. I had never told her.
    Dad sighed. “You better start packing. You will be there as long as it takes. Your plane leaves tomorrow, and Mr. Jones has agreed to take you and get you settled.
   I slowly got up, and went back to my room, shock still written all over my face. I got out my backpack and suitcase. I did everything without thinking, my mind numb. Clothes, hairbrush, toothbrush, glasses, and a couple personal possessions.
  The day went by quickly, and the next morning I stood next to Daisy, and Mr. Jones at the airport.
Daisy sensed my nervousness, and licked my hand. I patted her head, and followed Jones to the plane. We sat down, and I happily took the window seat. I rested my head against the headrest, and stared out at the busy airport.
  “Get ready for take off.”
  Jones took a hold of Daisy, and I watched as the engines whirred, and the plane took off on the runway. As we lifted into the air, I looked at all the little people shrink beneath us. I waved goodbye to my sister, and saw her crying. She put her hand up to her ear, signaling the word for “call me.” I nodded, and waved.
   I pretty much slept until we landed. Actually, I’m surprised I could do that much. Butterflies took up residence in my stomach. When we landed, we saw a man holding a sign for Clara Underwood. He looked at me, and I didn’t flinch, but glared straight into his eyes. He glared back. Unusual. Usually people looked away. So this place was tougher than school. Good, I was starting to get bored there. Jones led me off the plane, towards the man with the sign. His eyes flickered over me, and he nodded with approval.
He threw the sign in the trash. “I am William Gorn, your escort. Please allow my men to go through your bags and make sure everything is allowed. I nodded.
  2 dark skinned, muscular men behind him came forward, and started going through my bags, while Jones and I introduced ourselves.
  I said goodbye to Daisy, nodded to Jones, and they left. After going through my bags, they escorted me to basically what you would imagine a SWAT car would look like. A big, black surveillance van. They opened the doors, and me and the 2 guards jumped in. Gorn apparently got the passenger seat.
    It was silent as we rode along the bumpy path. When we got there, I tried not to look shocked. The place was clean enough, simple, a little drab, but otherwise decent. Not at all how I imagined it. Gorn escorted me to what they called The Office. Inside was the founder, Commander, waiting to “meet” me.
  He was muscular, tan, dark brown hair, hint of mustache, and hard, cold, blue eyes.   
He got straight to rules.
  1. Wake up at 6:00
  2. Breakfast at 6:30
  3. Lunch at 1:00
  4. Free time from 5:30-6:00
  5. Dinner at 6:30
  6. Free time #2 from 9:00-10:00
  7. Lights out at 10:00
  8. Never be late
  9. No fighting
  10. No drugs
  11. No weapons

  He started reading her report. What had people said about her? He was nodding. Was that good or bad?
  He looked at me, slight confusion in his eyes. What, mister? Don’t I look like I’m a 6th degree black belt? He nodded to Gorn. “Female: Building 6: Room 6: Bed 3.” I nodded, hoping that Gorn had gotten it too. Shouldn’t be too hard. The number for short was F663. Gorn gave me a “grand” tour of the place, then led me to my room. He didn’t go inside, but told me I could ask someone for help if I couldn’t find my way. I nodded, and tromped inside. I found room 6, and the found bed 3. I got the lower bunk. On my bed was a pair of military boots, and 2 uniforms. The girls explained to me that we would go running in the boots in the morning. I was to wear one uniform for a week, and the other the next week while the first one got cleaned.
    I was only allowed to wear my normal clothes for bedtime. I nodded, and carefully folded my military clothes and put everything under my bed for easy access. I looked out the one window one the other side of the room. The sun was just starting to set. It threw a yellow shine onto the clouds creating a beautiful, golden, sky.
    At 09:56 I got under the covers. 4 minutes later, the lights flashed out.

Chapter 3
    Beep, beep, beep.
   The military alarm beeped over the speakers. As the Mistress came in, everyone jumped out of bed, and saluted, but I just glared. They could bring me here, but they couldn’t force me to obey. Mistress glared at everyone, but her dark eyes lingered on me longer than anyone else. I folded me arms, and glared at her. She did something i would have never expected. She smiled.
    She marched up to me and asked, “What’s your name, recruit?” I just glared, not answering. “I asked, what’s your name?” I just stared. “Maria.” She blared into her radio. “We have one.” Then she spoke to me again. “You will learn to answer me, and everyone else who asks anything.” With that, she marched out of the room, replaced by 2 huge, muscular men. And a woman, probably Maria. “This is Paul, and this is Ben. They will escort you.” They walked in perfect harmony towards me. Impressive. They grabbed for me, but I ducked. I wouldn’t be able to fight them for long, but I wouldn’t go easily.
  I slammed my heel into Paul’s ribcage, hearing him grunt as he went down. In the same movement, I slammed a fist into Ben’s collarbone. But he dodged it. I kicked at his head, but he was quick. I must say, he was quicker than I was. Uh oh. Paul was up again. He slammed his thumb into the pressure point located behind my jaw.
   I groaned, and grabbed at his hand. He kicked me, and I was on my knees seconds later. In a daze, I watched Ben pull out a syringe. He injected it into my neck, and suddenly I was really tired. But I shook it out. This wasn’t the time for sleep. But I couldn’t seem to resist it. I stood but started falling again. Paul caught me, and laid me on the ground. He injected something else into me, but I didn’t even feel it. I was asleep.

   I woke to a slight pain behind my jaw. I was on a cot, in a dark room. There were no windows, but there were bugs. Climbing all over me. And I couldn’t seem to move. I was not restrained, but my muscles wouldn’t obey my commands. The only thing I could do was blink and breathe. I stayed there for hours, drifting in and out of sleep. The next day they let me out. I was able to move again, which was a good sign.
    I was allowed a shower, and then the next morning, I saluted. I might salute, and do what they tell me, but I won’t do anything wrong.

    “Run. Don’t stop ‘till I tell you.” I saluted along with the other girls. We wore uniform, and military style boots. We started running. It was hard because it had rained last night, so it was really muddy, and slippery. Thankfully I was really fit, so I had no problem running the 5 miles to the breakfast room. When we got there, Mistress had us do 50 pushups, 100 situps, 200 jumping jacks, and flutter kicks for 6 minutes. Only when that was accomplished were we allowed to go in and eat. I sat at table F6, and sat at the 3rd seat.
  There had to be a way to escape. There always was.
  After breakfast, we ran another 5 miles back, and practiced our shooting, knife throwing, survival, manipulation, body conditioning, health, science, math, and literature. You know, it was practically a home. I had never imagined math in military camp.
    Yay! Free time! I went outside to enjoy the nice weather, and sat on a huge slab of stone about a mile from camp. Myears caught the sound of someone trying to walk quietly. I spun around, and there was a  17 year old kid, called Buddy walking towards me. “Hey, I heard your sister is disabled! Ha! I wish I could meet her.” He said sarcastically. I marched up to him, and punched him hard in the face. He stumbled backwards. Ben and Paul came out of the brush around me, along with 2 others. Great. It was a test. Doesn’t matter. I attacked Buddy again. He might as well get what he deserves.
     I sent a flying side kick to his ribs, and heard a satisfying crack as multiple ribs gave.

10 minutes later

I sat in Commander’s office, holding an ice pack to my swelling lip, and holding my ribs. Commander sighed. “He insulted your sister. I must say, he deserved what he got. A couple broken ribs, and a cracked jaw. You know, I respect and admire that kind of loyalty. Your parents told me that you have trouble with fighting.”
 “Oh, I have no trouble fighting. I have trouble to stop fighting.”
  He smiled. “You have unique skills Mrs. Clara. Skills that are being wasted here. How do you like the sound of secret missions.” This caught my attention. “Like an assassin?”
“More like a spy. If you accept, I can give you a high level of authority here, and you can be a guard.” I nodded. Sounded good to me. “Will I get paid?” “A large salary. You know, I secretly work for the CIA. That cool enough for you?” I nodded, adrenaline rushing. “I accept.”
   After going through a series of tests, I was given a tag that said I was a guard. I was also given a CIA badge in case of emergency. I decided I liked the military uniforms, so I kept mine. Actually, I was given an upgrade. Now it was bulletproof, along with a bulletproof jacket. And my own laptop. I got my first report of who I was to spy on:

Name: Jenny Gorman
Age: 17
Birth: December 27, 1996
Personality: Not very smart, cruel, hateful, dark, loud, obnoxious, different.
Job: Spy on her, look for strengths and weaknesses.

    That was it. But that was all I needed. I was given clearance, and went in there. I was given the bed by the window. The girls there had been decent, so I didn’t ask anything else from them. No need for them to fear my like they feared all of the other overseers.
    I “watched” TV, glancing at her every couple seconds. Thankfully nobody really noticed. When it was running time, I ran with them, staying within 30 feet of Jenny. What smartness she lacked, she made up for in physical fitness. She had no trouble running the 5 miles. Or pumping out 50 pushups. At meals, she ate a hearty amount, and actually ate pretty healthy.
  At bedtime she pretended to be asleep ‘till midnight, then she got up. She silently crept out of the room. I got up and followed. She crept past MIstress’s room, and walked outside. She glided silently into the forest. She went to a animal trap. I didn’t know they had those here. Inside it was a squirrel. She sat there, talking to it before letting it go. Then she slunk another couple miles deeper into the forest. Soon we came upon a clearing. There was an 8 year old kid waiting. Terror was written all over his face, and he was shivering from fear.
   Jenny walked straight up to him and punched him hard in the ribs. He cried out, and caught a glimpse of her, his eyes pleading. I had to do something. I stood up from behind the bush I had been crouched behind.
  She looked up, and gave and evil smile. Seconds later something slammed into the back of my head. With that, I was surrounded by blackness.

Chapter 4
   I woke up in a hard, metal chair, leather restraints keeping me in place. I kept my eyes closed, and kept my breathing slow. Once I got an idea of my surroundings, I faked awakening. I gave a big yawn, and calmly studied the room I was in. It was all concrete, and my chair was the only thing in the room. That is, other than the cameras on the roof. I could tell that my CIA badge was gone, along with my emergency phone, and knife.
    Jenny walked proudly in, head held high, hand firmly clutching my badge. I glared at her. She smiled at me, actually looking crazy. I think she was crazy. She just wasn’t acting… a normal person.
“So, Miss Clara. I see you are an agent. Why were you spying on me?”
    Her voice was slurred, like she was on drugs. She probably was. I wouldn’t be surprised. She wasn’t walking straight either, and she didn’t seem to have full control over her body.
 I stayed silent as she stared at me, waiting for an answer. When she didn’t get a response, she smiled again, and left.
  When she came back, she had a loaded glock in her hand, waving it around in my face. Ok, this is scary. Crazy girl with a gun! Not high on my list of things I want to face.
    But I kept quiet, knowing I would probably die anyway. Might as well die with honor. She looked at me, and said, “Are you afraid?”
    I nodded. “Who wouldn’t be?”
She smiled, this time a clear, real smile. It wasn’t evil looking, but kind.
   “You have passed the test.” I smiled with understanding. The CIA had been testing me! Seeing if I would break. I didn’t, so I still had the job. Jenny walked around, and untied me, then led me out to Commander’s office. He nodded with approval. “We test every one of our agents. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  The next day, he drove me out of camp, and into a real military camp. I would work as a Marine, but still be with the CIA. It was certainly an interesting job idea.
He led me out of the camo jeep, and into the building. After going through a series of tests, I went to bed, wondering what would happen tomorrow, for tomorrow, my real job would start.

6 Months Later
I walked around the hospital doing my hourly checkups on the patients. As a Marine, I was there protecting all he injured people of India. It was a good job. Gave me a sense of purpose. I wondered if my family missed me. I could hardly remember what they looked like. It had been 3 years since I’d last seen them. As I walked outside, into the hot sun, my eyes swept across the line of people waiting for medical care. That was when I saw it. The man….there was a lump in his shirt. My mind immediately went to 9/11 and I walked swiftly up to him. “Sir, what is in your shirt?” His eyes grew fierce, and he threw the bomb at the medical building. It landed, ready to explode. The man grabbed me, and threw me on top of it. Seconds later it exploded, but my body had shielded everybody around me.  
   I had died a good death. As I waited for the bomb to go off, I wondered what my family would think of how much I had changed. How my life had changed me. How their decisions had changed me. And how my career as a CIA agent had changed my way of thinking. All for the good. All for the people.


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