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Room 6

February 25, 2019


By: Juliet E. C.

Chapter 1-Liz
    The first rays of sunlight filtered in through the windows and onto the face of Elizabeth Nordin. Her burgundy eyes opened, but still drooped with tiredness. 2 minutes later, her alarm clock was blaring attention to itself. Her hand slapped down on the ‘off’ button, and the annoying sound immediately silenced.
    She forced herself into a sitting position, and looked around her room. Her dog, Ruby, was just blinking her eyes open. Her name came from the color of her unique fur, a beautiful red color, the color of rubies.  
    Her room was a royal blue, and a picture of her mother on her marriage day was hanging just above the doorway. She was in a white dress, clinging to her female form, and her smile was almost too big for her petite face. The picture brought tears to Elizabeth’s face. Liz’s mother had died 3 days ago. They were having the burial today. She wanted to get it over with. She got up, and dressed into a black dress that barely fit her. She was unusually small for her age of 11 years old. Most people thought she was 9. It annoyed her terribly. Especially when people said,
  “Oh how cute! Let me guess, are you 9 years old???”
    Her mother was always encouraging her about being brave and taking these insults in silence.
   Liz’s father just ignored her. She liked it that way, though.

   “Liz!!! Time to go to the funeral! Let’s go. Do not linger!”
    Her father yelled. She sighed. Time to get this over with. “Coming!” She yelled back sending a hint of anger and annoyance into her voice. She forced her feet into her black tennis shoes, and walked down the stairs. Her dad drove in silence. When they got to the grave site, Liz was surprised to see that no one was there.
      Didn’t her mother have any friends?
    Only the minister was standing next to a casket holding her mother’s body. But no hole was dug. Where was everybody?
   She got out of the car, and turned to her father for an explanation. But his face was just as confused as hers.
   The minister approached them. “I don’t know where everyone is. It looks like we will have this funeral to ourselves. I will go dig a hole, since the digging crew still hasn’t arrived.” He picked up a shovel and walked down to the place where her mother was to lay. She glared at her father for a moment before picking up another shovel and hurried to catch up with the minister.
   “Can I help?”
      She asked with sincerity.
     He nodded, and Liz got to work. One shovel full after another. After 30 minutes of sweating under the merciless sun, Liz’s father came down to help. Typical. He always waited until almost all the work was done before coming to help. They finished digging the gaping hole, and it took all 3 of them to carry her mother’s casket to the grave.
    After dropping the body into the dirt, Liz picked up her shovel and swiped clumps of dirt over the wooden casket. Each thump of the dirt hitting the wood was a thump of pain in Liz’s heart.
    A thump of another layer of dirt separating Liz from her mother. After paying his respects, the minister drove home, and Liz and her father were left alone to mourn.
     That night, Liz was kept awake by the memories of her mother. Of happier times, like when she and her mother were making a snowman one winter, and they slipped on the ice, and slid down the hill in a huge mound of fluffy snow, but laughing until their throats hurt. She would have cried at that memory, but she had no more tears left. She had nothing left.

     The next morning, Liz got up to silence in the house. She got up, Ruby at her feet, nipping her feet playfully. Going downstairs, she found the house empty. “Father?” Nothing.
    Now just where was he off to? Liz let herself out back door and into the backyard. Nobody was there. Maybe her neighbors knew where her father was. she trudged towards the neighbors, but found no one home. That was odd. Everything was there, their 2 pickup trucks, their keys, and even their guinea pig, Buster. Hmm.
       She was getting a little nervous. She grabbed the phone and called the police. Nobody answered. Now she was about to freak out. Where was everybody?
   She needed to get to the police. She ran back to her house, and grabbed her bike. It was all dusty from years of sitting in the garage with nobody caring for it. Liz didn’t care. She immediately climbed on, and rode as fast as she possibly could towards the police station. She got there in only 7 minutes.   
     She jumped off the bike and ran into the police station. Nobody was there.
    “Uh, hello? Is anybody here? I can’t find even one human. Please? Anybody?”
       Not even a trace of anyone left at this station. Then it hit her. All the people had gone somewhere. Together. And they had left her. Now, Liz was an animal lover, and she knew what she needed to do. She ran back to her neighbor’s house and picked up Buster. Then she let him out into the wild, really hoping that he would survive.
      Liz sat down on a lawn chair to think. What should she do? Then it came to her. There would be more unfortunate animals like Buster that needed help. She would be their rescuer. With that in her mind, Liz got up, and walked towards the next house in preparation of setting more pets free.

Chapter 2-Petri
      Petri Ivanov wandered around his small town in Russia. Where did everyone go? He was calm, but a war of indecision was raging in his heart.  Should he leave his home? He had learned how to sail a boat, and he knew the survival basics.
    But would it be enough to go to a foreign land to see if he could find where all the other people had disappeared to? It would be much different than he was used to. On the other hand, it would be a lot safer to stay where he was, even if there was no one to care for him. But even if there wasn’t anyone on another continent, maybe there was another kid who, like him, was wondering where to go.
    Or maybe there were people who needed help. If so, then maybe God was calling him to go help those people.
     But what if He wasn’t. What if Petri misinterpreted God’s call. What if he was meant to stay here and wait for the needy to come to him. Oh, why was it so hard to make a decision? How did adults do it? How did his father do it? His father! What would his father do if he was in this situation. It was about time for Petri start thinking like his family. He walked back to his small home and pulled a board out of the floor.
   Inside was his father’s church radio to listen to broadcasting, a songbook, and a Christian movie that showed Jesus dying on the Cross and the rising again. But none of these caught Petri’s attention. His eyes wandered to the Bible. He randomly flipped to a page and read the first verse he saw. It was Romans 8:28.
It said, And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.
As he read it, something stirred in his heart. Something telling him not to be afraid to seek help from others. But to wander into the world to help those in need. It was time to go to the U.S.A.

Chapter 3-Liz
    Liz wiped her forearm against her sweating forehead. Though it was not hot outside, she was sweating uncontrollably from running around from house to house and searching for any hidden animal that could be there. She needed to move on. She could not spend the rest of her life going like this.
   She had to find the humans. Then they could take care of their own pets. She would grabbed her bike and jumped on, pedaling to the front of the neighborhood. Going out of the facility, she turned left to, well, she had no idea where she was going.
      She trusted God to lead her in the right direction. 3 miles out she found a airport. It was huge. If there was anyone in Florida, there would be someone here. If there wasn’t anyone here than she would have to assume there was no one on Florida, and possibly, no one on the continent. And a slight chance of no one on the planet. Her face set in determination, she walked through the doorway into the airport. As she had guessed, nobody was inside.
   She helped herself to a cold hamburger from the inside of Burger King, and studied the airport as she ate. It was white, and there were a couple magazine stores, and fast-food restaurants. Then Liz thought of the planes. She hated flying and knew that she couldn’t even ride, much less fly one. She walked into the ladies’ room.
     When she came out she was surprised to see another human. He was about her age, but features looked…….different. He just stared at her, looking like a statue. After 4 minutes of not moving, she was beginning to wonder if he was a statue. But then he spoke. His voice had an accent. It sounded...Brazilian maybe?
“I am Petri Ivanov. I am Russian. Who are you?”
“Petri, I have so many questions. Where have all the people gone?”
He gave her a weird look. “How would I know? Who are you?” She gave him a tight smile hoping that it said ‘I’m sorry’. “I am Liz Nordin. You can call me Liz for short. How did you get here? I thought this airport was abandoned.”
 “I flew a plane of course.”
    He said as if it was the simplest thing in the world and nothing out of the ordinary. It might have been normal for his culture, but Liz’s face was frozen in a horrified expression.
   “You WHAT?! Did I hear you right, Petri?”
He said a lot more slowly.
   “I flew a plane.”
    He watched her with an expression that said, ‘Why wouldn’t I fly a plane?’ She just blinked at him.
   “Well, what do you suggest we do, now that everyone else is gone?”
  He seemed to come out of his daze, and immediately started calculating.
  “Well, if you are asking me, I say that we should stick together. No use parting ways to be alone again. We need to figure out where everyone is, and we need to find them, and help them. Why not do it together?”
   Liz just nodded.
  “Okay, let’s pack a bag of clothes and food, and a survival kit, then we will be off.”
   “Where will we go, Petri?”
      “To Asia. Oh, and that means flying a plane. Pack up!”
     Her eyes widened in fear, as she ran to a magazine store to grab some water bottles. What was Petri thinking? Was he crazy? He had to be. That was the only solution. Why should she hang out with a crazy Russian kid? Because he is the only other human in Florida, that’s why. She sighed. Time to get this over with. She shivered at the thought of a-12 year old, I might add-inexperienced child!
     She stuffed a backpack with other supplies including a flashlight, some strong nylon rope, a swiss army knife that Petri had given to her, 4 blankets, etc. She met Petri at the take-off area, and he allowed her to choose a plane.
    She chose a small EMB 120. She liked the name. It had a cool ring to it. She climbed in, and freaked when she saw the controls. There were like 5-million of them! How was she going to do this?
   “Hey Liz. You get to be my co-pilot! Doesn’t that sound fun?”
    He smirked at her horrified expression.
    “Are you too nervous? You don’t have to.” He said it with the most serious face he could muster.
    “Oh...a….if you really think I can’t do it….then….well….a.”
    He gave her an expression that said, ‘you are a chicken. Do I really have to ride with….you?’ Fire surged through her, feeling anger at this smug 12 year old little boy!
  She grabbed the headset in his hands, smashed it onto her head, and climbed into the co-pilot seat. She would show him! She could be brave if she wanted to! She just...didn’t usually want to. She frowned. Then smiled. She was actually going to fly a plane! Wouldn’t her mom be so proud? Tears came to her eyes, but she forced them away.
  This was no time for crying! What would Petri think? Unexpected adrenaline flew through her body at just the thought of his name. She glanced at him to see he was studying her.
   He was expressionless, it seemed like he was waiting. Had he read her thought?
 She was going into hyperventilation. She took deep breaths to calm herself. Liz closed her eyes and thought of better things. Like the dream kitten she had always wanted. She had never really wanted a kitten until the day she found one, abandoned on the side of the road. She had taken it home and cared for it like it was her own daughter. The kitten had died 3 years ago.
    “Hey, Liz, you okay? I don’t want you fainting in this particular seat.”
  He waved his hand in front of her face. She pushed it away while answering,
   “No, I’m fine. Just daydreaming.”
      “Whatever. New rule. No daydreaming while we are flying. Now are you ready to roll?”
     He switched some things and pushed some buttons, and they were riding down the runway. Liz clutched her seat, her knuckles turning white from the pressure. Her ears were ringing by the time they took off, and her head was spinning, black dots gracing the edges of her eyes. She was on the verge of passing out. Her heart beat wildly. Uncontrollably. Yep, she was pretty sure she was going to pass out.

Chapter 4-Petri
Petri Ivanov glaced at Liz Nordin. She was shaking, her eyes were wide, and she acted like she had never flown before. Her knuckles were starting to turn red from holding to the seat too tightly for too long. She acted like she had never ridden in a plane before. “So, uh, Liz. Have you ever ridden in a plane before? You are acting a little, uh, nervous.”
She glanced at her clenched fists and then at him. She sighed. “Just 5 days ago, me, and my mom and dad were going on an airplane. We were going to go to Africa for just a fun vacation. We were all really excited. But our plane crashed. There was a lot of blood. There was this guy, sitting on the other side of my mom. He was toying with one of his knives. He was a plane protector, meaning that if there was a shooter or murderer on the plane, if they tried something, the protector would be able to keep them under control. But when the plane crashed, the knife was in my mom’s stomach. That is why there was so much blood. The Protector hadn’t meant to, but the surprise of the crash had sent him tumbling and the knife had gone straight to my mom. She died. Me and my dad, and the other survivors, well, we just swam to a thankfully nearby beach. Waiting for rescue.
We were rescued, and later that day, some detectives went to investigate why the plane had crashed. Well, along with coming back with the bodies of the unfortunate dead-including my mother-the agents brought news.
Somebody had cut the controls, and they believed it was the co-pilot. A woman named Hailey Crost. Apparently she was the pilot’s wife. She had killed him, but she had survived. After finding fingerprints, they had proof that it was her. She went to jail with a lifetime sentence. Ever since, I have hated planes.” “Oh. Well, I know about that. I lost an older brother 2 years ago. He was driving the car. We crashed. If I had been in the front seat, I would have died too. Now I hate driving. When something happens when you are young, you are afraid to do it again, because you fear that someone else, maybe someone you love, will get hurt. That riding in a plane is really dangerous and it never should be done. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You just have to be brave and get up and try again.” “Thanks, Petri.” “Sure.” They were silent for a moment, and when Petri glanced at her he found that she was smiling. She was still emotional, but she wasn’t crying, so that was good. “And Liz? Sometimes it feels good to tell other people your problems, so maybe if we become better friends, which I’m sure we will, you can talk to me.” She smiled at him.

Chapter 5-Liz
Liz’s heart finally started to slow when they landed. She jumped out of the plane as soon as Preti said it was safe. She laid flat on the ground, uncontrollably happy to be on something solid, and real. So this was Asia. Boy was it different than Florida. There were trees e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! There were forests, and mountains, and bridges! And everything! So beautiful. “Ready to go yet?” She glanced at Petri. He was smiling, and there was that mischievous glint in his bright gray eyes. She laughed, and got up. Ever since their touching talk, she and Petri had been ever closer. She found that he was pretty easy to talk to. They walked towards the hills. The sun caught on Liz’s hair and she gasped.
The sun was a red fireball, it’s orange, dying light catching on the clouds making an impossibly colorful sunset. The clouds were pink, the sky an array of violet, red, orange, and a misty touch of golden light. They walked onto one of the hills.
It was empty, just green grass and daisies, and wild honeysuckles. But then, a patch of green grass, about 7 feet by 3 feet, opened. It was like an underground door. And out of that underground door came a man. His long white hair framed his face. His eyes were a striking green color, one that Liz could never imagine. Liz’s mouth hung open in surprise. She ran to him, and hugged him.
He looked shocked. “Um….I’m Hector. Do I know you?” The surprise on Liz’s face faded, and her face turned red with embarrassment. “Sorry. No, you don’t know me. I’m Liz Nordin, and this is Petri Ivanov. I was just surprised to see another human…...come out of the ground. It was kind of shocking.” He smiled at her, then burst into laughter. They all joined in, until they were crying with joy. Liz couldn’t remember the last time that she had laughed. Or had any happiness since her mom had died.
When they finished laughing, Hector led them down into his underground home. Almost everything was made of dirt and earth. Even some of the furniture. “So, Hector. Do you know where all the other humans went?” Liz asked pleadingly, hoping, and dreading the answer at the same time.
“As a matter of fact, I do. My niece, Helen, who is taking a nap in a different house, is a scientist. Her mom, my sister-in-law, died of brain cancer. Ever since, she has been trying to find a cure for any, and all kinds of cancer by mixing them together with different substances. Now, she is friends with some sort of human/alien thingy that lives on Jupiter. She met them just before her mom was diagnosed. She was thinking about working for NASA, being an astronaut. She did become and astronaut. She went to Jupiter, and found ‘them’. But when her mom died, she became a scientist. She worked for years trying to find a solution, having the aliens, who call themselves Piks, helped her. Now, one day, Helen was telling them about her research, and cancer, and how it is so unpredictable. They thought of all the treasures they could have if they kidnapped or destroyed all the humans.”
They found Helen’s experiments in the lab and, while she was asleep, they added some chemicals. Then they let it out in the air. Into the whole population of Earth. As soon as human breaths in the chemicals, they get all the kinds of cancer. They die. And because of the stuff the Piks added, they disintegrated into thin air.” “Then, Hector. Why are Petri, Helen, you, and I still alive?”
“Because, Liz. Naked mole rats are the only living thing on earth that is immune to cancer. The 4 of us, have touched some part of naked mole rat in our life, which made us immune for 3 days.That brings me to the next part in the story. About 75 other people have also eaten naked mole rat. So, annoyed, the aliens took the survivors to Jupiter, where they have put them in a prison with unlimited oxygen. They await there now.” “But then my dad is gone……all my friends, and family…..” “I am sorry Petri. But we have to think about the living beings. We need to figure out how to clean the air. We need to fix this mess. Helen! Come meet our new guests!”
A woman of about 45 came out of a nearby room. Her hair was slightly messed up from sleeping. Her blue eyes drooped, and her clothes were wrinkled. Nevertheless, she looked everything a scientist as Liz had imagined. “Oh. Hello. Who are you, my friends? I didn’t expect the Piks to leave anyone behind.” “Petri smiled at her and said, “I am Petri Ivanov. This is Liz Nordin. Nice to meet you…..”
“Oh. Sorry, I’m Helen Ross. Nice to meet you, my friends. Now, I’m guessing Hector already filled you up on the story?” “Yes. Liz might have an idea though, Helen, that might come to your interest.” “Yes? And what is that?” Liz stepped forward, a little nervous that she might be rejected. But once she got into it, the anxiousness turned into adrenaline and excitement. “First, we all know that we need to clean the air. Make it breathable to all humans.” Helen nodded.

“Well, I was thinking. What if we could make some kind of reusable generator that produces good oxygen. We could leave it on, while we can build some kind of aircraft/rocket type of thing to fly to Jupiter. You should know just where the Piks live, so we would be able to find them. Now, thankfully you were not captured, because for the next part, we are going to need your skills. You are a scientist. Do you think you could mix some non-lethal paste that will make us entirely invisible?” Helen thought for a moment, then nodded slowly. “I think I could.”
“Good. We could go, unseen to reclaim our people. Getting them out would be a problem. We would have to wait until we are there to be able to find our escape route. We escape, come back to earth, create a generator to make a shield that will protect us from the Piks, and repopulate the earth.” Helen and Hector started to get excited. “You are a very smart girl, Liz.” Helen praised, “Well, about half of it was Petri.” “Then both of you are equally as smart, and as brave. Now, I think your idea just might work. However, are any of you an electrician? Because if not, well, it might not work. Hector here does architect. I do science. What do you do?” Liz frowned. She hadn’t thought of that.
Then she brightened. “I don’t if you are up to it Petri, but I have an idea. Is there somewhere we could talk it over?” “Sure. Hector, Helen, Liz and me need to talk something over.” “Oh. Go do it in my room. The door to the left.” “Thanks!” She nodded. “Okay, out with it.” Petri said impatiently. “Well, you are good at being a pilot. You know wires, and how things work. Do you think you could help make the generators? If you and Helen combined your skills, my idea might just work.”He nodded slowly, then smiled. “I agree. Let’s go tell the others.” They walked back into the main Living Room, and retold Liz’s idea to the others. They agreed, and immediately set to work.

Hector built it, Helen planned some of it, and Petri explained to them how everything worked: wires, magnets, electricity, etc. Liz did the cooking meals, and making sure everything stayed clean, and everyone stayed positive. Then, 48 hours later, they finished. “Wow! Guys, are you done? It looks amazing. It just needs a touch of art.”
Liz immediately brought out the paint, and stickers and got to work. Within a couple minutes, it was really done. They all turned it on and watched intently. The machine rumbled, and let out a burst of windy air. They held their breaths, and waited until it filled the underground home. Finally, not able to hold it in any longer, they exhaled and took deep breaths. The air sure tasted, and smelled different than usual. “I think it’s working! Wahoo!” Yelled Hector. He started dancing in joy, and Petri didn’t hesitate to join in. Liz rolled her eyes at Helen who smiled. They turned off the machine and hauled it up to bright daylight. They turned it on, letting it purify the air around them. “I think this success deserves a party, don’t you?” Helen asked. Everybody nodded enthusiastically, and Hector and Petri could barely keep from jumping up and down in excitement.
They were like two 4-year old boys just learning that they were going to have an exciting Star Wars birthday party. They all went underground again, and the women started baking a cake, while the men talked excitedly of their plan to save the world, and the human race.

Chapter 6-Petri
After partying until midnight, they were exhausted. In the morning they were still all sluggish. They ate breakfast, and went upstairs to go into the outside world. The generator was doing a good job of cleaning the air, and it was still going-a good sign. Now to stage the next part of their plan. They all went to the place where Petri and Liz had left their plane. It was still there, thankfully. It wasn’t a surprise, but Petri was a little worried that it wasn’t going to be there. But it was, so no need to think about that any longer. He sighed. Now, how to make this plane be able to fly them into space. Like that was going to be easy. The generator was much easier. He worked his way to the engine, and took off the cover. Inside were multiple wires, all different colors and lengths. It looked really complicated. Let’s see here….the red wires needed gloves to work with. Shouldn’t be too hard…..he asked Hector for gloves, and got to work on the motor. When he finished 15 minutes later, it actually looked like it might work. That it could propel them to Jupiter.
They tested it, and it failed. Oh well. Time to get back to work. But then a thought popped up in his head. “Hey Hector? Why do we need to build aircraft to go into space. Couldn’t we just steal, I mean borrow, a rocket from NASA?” All their faces lit up with realization. “Of course! How did we not think about that before? What are we waiting for, let’s go!!!” Off they went, getting back into another aircraft and flying to NASA. When they got there, they gave a couple hours to Petri to figure out how to use, and control it. He figured it out with ease, and they all piled in and then were off.
Petri flipped different switches to start the countdown for take-off. “Everybody ready?” They buckled in and nodded. Liz was the co-pilot, sitting next to Petri. He nodded, and she smashed her palm down on the countdown button. A feminine voice started the countdown, saying it slowly and clearly. “Five, four, three, two, one. Are we ready for take-off?” In unison they answered with a loud yes.  The rocket started vibrating, and a earsplitting roar echoed from the engine. They braced themselves, and Petri watched as Liz closed her eyes, her whole body tense. He had never really noticed how beautiful she looked. Her dark brown hair was flowing down to her hips, rippling, looking like a gentle ripple in a silent stream. Her unique bright green eyes were sparkling with joy, and she was obviously excited.
She noticed him studying her, and smiled at him. He blushed, and looked away. Come on, Petri. Focus on the work at hand. He tried to study his surroundings, but he kept thinking about those big bright eyes, and how innocent they looked. If only….….

Chapter 7-Liz
He was looking at her. Staring at her. It was kinda creepy. She hated being noticed. She could not wait until this flight was over with. She stared at her hands embarrassed. She studied the hem of her t-shirt, picking at a loose piece of fabric. She really needed clean  clothes. And a bath. She cringed. What she wouldn't give for a nice hot bath, soaking in the warm water, letting it clean all the grime from her skin and making her clean again. How nice. But that was a dream. Not real. She looked out the window.
It was a wonder how God made everything. Miles of nothing stretched in front of them. A speck of something orangish was before them. It grew as they got closer, and Hector confirmed that is was Jupiter. It stretched before them, mile after mile of nothingness. “Get ready people! This might get a little rough.” She tensed and watched petri flip multiple switches, trying to slow their descent. But against his struggles, the rocket gained speed, and it’s nose dove straight for the center of Jupiter.

“Everyone, be ready for crashing!” Yelled Petri, who had long ago abandoned trying to navigate, and slow down the ship’s descent. They all tensed and closed their eyes waiting for the crash. A loud boom filled their ears, seconds before the windshield smashed, and sprayed glass, and plastic all over them. The rocket screeched to a stop. Everyone just sat in silence, not knowing exactly what to say. Finally Helen broke the unending, awkward silence. “Is everybody okay?” Everyone nodded. “A few scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious.” “Arghh. My leg is caught!” Everyone stared at Hector in concern. “Are you okay? Oh, what are we going to do???” “Everyone, calm down!” This time it was Liz who had spoken up. They all stopped yelling, and quited down to hear what she was going to say. She looked at Petri, who nodded at her appreciatively.

She sighed. “Everyone, we are here on in important, life-threatening mission to save all of the human race. All humans are in danger of going extinct. Which means, that if everyone dies, the aliens will take over the whole universe. We are the only beings between them, and control of our home-land, and the homelands of many others. We can save our species. But we have to work together. Now, I want to announce a few new rules, if y'all are okay with that.” She looked over to make sure they nodded. They did. “Okay, good. Rule #1. No arguing. We must make friends, not enemies. Rule #2. We have to work together. I want everyone to encourage others to speak up if they have ideas. We can use every thought. Any thought at all could either save the universe by being spoken aloud, or could destroy all human race if unspoken. Rule #3. If any of the aliens ask for mercy, we will grant it. We are not barbarians. We are not murderers. We will save our kind with as little violence as possible. Rule #4. If any of the aliens want to come to our side, they have to go through interrogation, of which me and Hector will come up with. Don’t let anybody else in.
They could be spies looking for weaknesses. Okay, are we all agreed to those terms?” Everyone nodded admiringly. “Okay. I have a plan. Helen, do you think that you could make some sort of paste that can turn us invisible?” She nodded, “Yes, but it would only be able to do it for a limited time. 1 hour at the most.” “Okay, I would like you to get to work on that. Petri, we need this rocket ready to go for our exit. We need to have everything possible cleared out, so that there will be room for the people. Got it?” “Yes, but what if there still isn’t enough room?” “There will be. We will make there be room! Okay, Hector. When we leave, I need you to have things ready to roll for our return. Be in the driver's seat ready to take-off as soon as possible. Make sure that Petri has all the tools he needs. Is your foot okay?” “Yes, nothing is broken. Just a bit sore, I believe.”
“Alright, here’s the plan. Hector is staying to guard the ship, while Petri clears everything out. Helen, after you make the paste, we will become invisible, and bring a lot of extra for the people. We’ll have to keep it in multiple bags. Me and Helen will sneak in through the front entrance. It’s the most heavily guarded, and the most unlikely for one to sneak in. I’m sure the other doors are even more heavily guarded. We’ll sneak in, find the prison where they are being held, and set them free. When they are invisible, it will be relatively easy to make our exit, and our way back to the rocket. AS soon as we are in sight, have everything ready. Be ready to take off as soon as we are all in.

We fly back to earth, and repopulate.  Am I understood?” Everyone nodded and cleared to get started on their tasks. Hector wrapped his ankle to keep it stable, and brought work tools to Petri. Petri slid under the rocket towards the motor, where it was damaged. Helen got to work trying to find out how to make something to turn people invisible.

Chapter 8-Petri
Petri slid under the rocket, and slid to where the motor jutted out. He was sweating uncontrollably after hauling the rocket out of the ground, and stabilizing it. Liz was experimenting with Helen pondering whether the invisibility paste might work. He hoped it would. Adrenaline buzzed through him every time he thought about Liz running in and attempting to rescue the human race and, in doing that, rescuing the whole universe and all within. He grabbed a blue wire, and started replacing it with a new one.
Thankfully NASA had thought to put in extra supplies and wires, in case any of its astronauts were stranded on a planet. “Petri? Petri Ivanov, where are you?!” he slid on his sliding board at an angle, coming up behind Liz. He tapped her heel, and she jumped then whipped around, glaring at him. “It’s about time!” She sighed. “Helen tried making the paste, but the most it works is 33 seconds. She has no idea how to make it go any longer. So I was wondering, would you like to come instead of Helen? She’s feeling a little stressed and discouraged right now. Are you almost done?” “Yeah, I repaired the wiring, and it looks like, with a few extra touches it might actually work. And yes, I would like to come. When do we leave?” “As soon as we can come up with a plan. And as soon as you are done.” “A plan? That’s going to be tough. Maybe…... I wonder if just maybe……. Okay, we need to find that facility, Then we will plan as we go.” She cocked her head, thinking. “It’s the best thing we’ve got. Not like we can do much if we don’t know what it looks like. But we have to be careful of guards patrolling.” He nodded. “Well, I’ll be ready in a couple minutes.” She nodded. “Okay, come get me when you’re done.” He nodded, and slid back under to the motor again. After adding a few touches to the wires, and dents, Petri came back out, cleaned up, and went to find Liz. He found her telling her plan to Hector and Helen.

Helen’s nose was red, and her eyes were puffy from crying. Hector was nodding slowly. “It sounds like it might work…..Hi Petri. We were just talking over your plan. It sounds good. And I’m glad to have Helen here, and safe. Thanks for trading slots with her.” He nodded firmly. “Sure. Liz, are we ready to go?” “Yep! Let’s go!” They walked out of the cockpit, and found some scuffed up sand around them. Thankfully, Liz was really good at tracking. He asked her about it, and she answer. “My mom was the outgoing kinda person. She loved learning survival. She wanted me to learn as well so, I did!” After that they were silent as she tracked the captors, and prisoners. “Hey! Look! A patrol! Get down!” Petri and Liz fell to the ground, as the patrol went past them. Then Petri poked her. “Liz.” He whispered. “Maybe we could follow them and have them lead us to their fortress!” She thought for a moment, and he tapped his watch telling her that they were running out of time. She finally nodded, and they scooched along the ground, and when they were 100 feet from the aliens, they started following, their footsteps silent as death.
15 minutes later Alien #2 started talking. “Our patrol time is almost up. Think we should head back?” “Yeah, I agree. The queen won’t mind if we are early.” “But if we are too early she might skin us alive like Slog.” He grimaced at the memory.
They turned around, and Petri, and Liz quickly ducked behind a tree. “Hey, I think I saw something over there.” Alien #1 pointed to where they were hiding. “Should we go check it out?” “Yessss. The queen would be very happy with us if we captured an intruder. They started covering the open ground. It would be only 2 minutes before they reach them if they kept up the pace! Petri tapped Liz. Her face was pale, and her hands were shaking. “Hey. Liz. They are going to find us. But to get the advantage, we need to attack them. Okay?” She nodded, color beginning to come back to her cheeks. They snuck around the rock and when the aliens’ backs were to them, they jumped silently onto the rock. Then they collapsed onto the alien’s backs. They screeched, and tried to shake off the humans. Petri’s fist smashed into the jaw of Alien #1. He glanced at Liz. She was struggling, trying to keep her alien in a headlock trying to choke it, Good strategy. He switched his grip into a headlock around his alien’s throat.

He squeezed, and the alien struggled all the harder. In a couple seconds, both aliens were lying on the ground, unconscious from lack of oxygen. Liz and Petri were panting for air as they thought of what to do next. Liz, her breaths coming out labored, pointed at the aliens’ uniform. Petri nodded, and went to the other side of the rock, waiting for Liz to change.

A couple minutes later, she came back around in a little too big uniform. It looked a little baggy on her slim form. She had rolled up the sleeves, and the pants which were a little too long for her. Thankfully the aliens were pretty small, so the uniform’s fit them okay. At least she didn’t look like a little girl trying to wear her mom’s clothes. In all, she actually looked pretty good. She went over to the pile of mud and dirt that Petri had mixed together. She swiped up a clump, and spread it all over her face, and any exposed part of her body. During this, Petri went back to where the alien’s were lying. He unbuttoned the jacket of one of the aliens, and started undressing and putting on the alien clothes. When he came back out, he wiped mud on his exposed skin, and he and Liz faced South. It was time to rescue the humans.

Liz’s heart beat wildly as she and Petri climbed over the next rise. The clothes she was now wearing were itchy and dry. Super uncomfortable.
Wow! Just ahead of them was a huge fortress. It seemed to be indented in the ground, and she guessed that a lot of it was underground. Aliens similar to the one’s she and Petri had knocked out scattered around the fortress doing multiple tasks. But there was one thing that caught her attention. Right next to the entrance were around 30 or 40 guards. Way to many! They expected 10 at the most. “Okay, here’s the plan.” She glanced at Petri as he spoke. “We go in nice and easy. I looked at the name tags of the injured aliens. You are Krika. I am Slaw.
Okay. We walk in there nice and calm. Make no sudden movements. Change your voice to a croaky, frog-like squeak. When they ask your name, give them your alias. Here is your pass. Let me do all the talking. In this place, I don’t think the females talk a lot. Okay. We ready? Don’t be nervous. You look perfect. Trust me. If something happens, run. As fast as you can. Ok? I am there to protect you. We ready to roll?” She blushed and nodded. They stood up to their full height, shoulders back, chins high, and they walked with a strong, firm march. At the gate, the tall alien stood at attention, and respectfully asked their name. They gave their aliases, and then were demanded the password. Uh oh. They didn’t know there was going to be a password. Nervously they thought of what it could be. Aliens rule? Jupiter? She finally guessed as, “May the humans be destroyed forever.” The alien cocked his head. He started shaking his head, indicating that that was not the password, when the other alien nodded, and smiled. “I like these guys! We think alike. Let them in!” Grudgingly, they let them in. They smiled at each other as they walked through the opening gate. Inside was the castle. Everything was dreary and gray. The walls were coated in slime, while the door was made of stone-hard brick. It looked unbreakable.
Her heart dropped to her stomach, and her mouth was completely devoid of moisture. The place was armed to the teeth with weapons. Every alien carried a pistol, a long blade of some kind, a sword, 3 bombs, and gunpowder. And a good amount of them carried a rifle. Even the children above 3 years old carried around a small pocket knife. Man, how was she supposed to go save the humans? She was sure that the jailers had even more weapons than that. Liz stood straight, and walked with great courage, but on the inside she was uncontrollably shaking, scared to the death.
They walked around, surveying the land, and the aliens. They actually sort of acted like humans. They sold things, bought things, they had a food market, and plenty of houses. Everything there was similarly built like that of things on earth. She watched as Petri walked up to one of the aliens, and told them that they were new here, to be an assistant to the jailer. The alien nodded and pointed to where the prison was located. He also provided them with instructions as to what they should do. Petri thanked him, and led Liz to where the alien had pointed.
They walked into the doorway, and there was another guard there to take their ID and the password.
She tried giving the same password, but the alien looked confused. He spoke into a mic, and a whole troop of guards came in. They spoke to each other in an alien language. Apparently, these aliens didn't know english. Also, unfortunately, they must have been ordered to arrest anyone who spoke the password in English. Man, these aliens were a lot smarter than Liz would have guessed.
They grabbed at the two teenagers, and handcuffed them. Then, they led them into the deep, dangerous prison of where their fellow humans were waiting for their rescuers.

Chapter 10-PETRI
Petri walked with his head down, ashamed that he had gotten Liz into this. She was a very special girl, and she didn’t deserve to rot in prison on planet Jupiter. It wasn’t even her home planet! Why had he gotten her into this? He was the one who deserved this. Not her. Plus, she was a girl. Girls should be protected, not used as toys. The alien guards led them down a hall, that seemed to have no end. He could barely see in the semi-darkness, but from what he could see, there were around 50 humans, mostly women and children, and elderly people. They were gathered around in cages. Literally. Each cage was 10 feet by 5 feet, and held 2 humans each. Each person was on the far wall. Some were sleeping, some were trying to eat the “delicious” soup they were provided with.
Petri and Liz were led to an empty cage. Here, they deposited Liz, bup kept a tight hold on Petri. As soon as the door was locked, Liz found out what was happening. They were being separated. Possibly forever.

Petri was led a few levels down to the deepest part of the dungeon. They brought him to a stop in front of a steel door. Unbreakable. After giving the password to a listening device, the door opened. It was three feet thick, made fully of uncrackable steel. They wandered in. Inside, there was nothing but a desk, and a leather chair facing away from them.
One of the guards spoke something in the alien tongue and the chair swerved swiftly to face them.
In it was an alien that looked very much human. In fact, it was human. It had a long, silver scar that trailed down his neck, and down to his ribs. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and his skin was deathly pale, but he was strong and muscled. He looked short, but as he slowly stood, he grew taller and taller then until he was seven feet. The scar glowed in the dark room, and Petri wondered what had happened.
“You are wondering what this scar came from, aren't you? Everyone is. It was from humans, like myself. I was walking in the forest one day, and a hunter thought I was a monster. He called friends, and they attacked me from all sides. There was no escape for me. Hoping to kill me, he drew a buck knife, and tried to slay me. After doing his dirty work, they left me to die alone. But an alien called Peeki saved me. They nursed me back to health and I survived. On that very day, I swore to take revenge on all mankind.

So, I have questions for you. Why did you do that? Why would you slaughter a fellow human like that?”
Petri answered with as much emotion as he dared
“It was not I who slaughtered you, nor the humans whom you have contained in the dungeons. We did you no harm. It was the hunters who have hated you, not us. And now I have a question for you. Why? You are punishing the children and women for what the hunters did. You are not punishing the real people who deserve it.
You are trying to get revenge. I get that. I have felt rage as well. We all have that feeling of how much our lives cost. We all feel the need to survive, and never die. But the truth is, one day we will die. No one knows when, but we need to accept that it will happen one time or another. One way or another. When? Who knows. How? We don't see into the future. But it will happen. Everyone lives in this battle of questions. Can we answer them? No, but we can face them with courage, and dignity. We can either show our enemies hate, and make a lot more enemies, or we can show them forgiveness and love, and make a life lot of friends and allies. But ere is always another way or another choice. We just must have the wisdom to make the right one.”

“Well said, boy. But I don't have time for games. This is a real war. Aliens against humanity. There is never another choice. Take him to cell 32. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.”
The leather chair spun back around, and Petri was led back out, down 2 more flights of stairs, and into the last cell on the left. It was dark, and the smell was overwhelming. He could hear the desperate cries of those around him, begging for water, and food, and a good nights rest without nightmares. The people had been here longer than he had. He had to rescue them. He was their only hope. Something moved in the far corner. A fellow human was sitting there with curious eyes. Her hair was ratty and faded, and falling out. Her skin was pale and cold. Her skin was loose around her thin frame, and her mouth hung open, and it was dry. She twists her fingers in skilled sign language. Now, Petri didn't know sign Language, but he was familiar with it, as a friend had been deaf. But that friend was dead now. Killed by cancer like his family.
The girl signed her name as Hailey. Then she pointed at her mouth, indicating that she was mute. But she pointed again, and he found it that her tongue had been ripped from her mouth. The poor girl.
He smiled at her, and introduced himself. A guard came to Petri’s cell, to give instructions. “You get one meal a day: lunch. Eat it or leave it. Whatever. Each day you get one hour of running in the playroom. That is, if you can.” He stars at Hailey. Who was crawling around on her hands and knees. He nodded, then left. Petri laid down the on the hard ground, and slipped away into the sweet escape of sleep.

Her hands were shaking; her lips were trembling, and tears were slipping down her cheeks. Was this how she was going to die? In a dark cell, failure in her mind, 7 people she had failed sitting around her, on the planet Jupiter. No one would even know that she had tried. Nobody would cry over her broken body. No one. She would die with the people she failed. Her captors would scoff over her dead body. Nobody would be there to pay their respects. She would be thrown into the desert for the animals to eat. Not even a decent burial.
Liz stood back up and started pacing again. This wasn't the time to give up. These people needed her. She couldn't give up on them. They still held onto little slivers of hope. She wasn't going to let them down. She lifted her chin and got to thinking. A guard had already told her what was going to happen she each day. She wondered how guarded the playroom was. Was it guarded? Were the walls made of brick? Was there anything there she could use as a weapon or a lock pick? She looked around her prison. Ah! An air vent! Is it possible that she could make that a bigger hole? No, she had nothing to enlarge it with. She would have to escape a different way. An unexpected way.
Her mind kept spinning with different ideas, but none of them caught her attention. A headache started up from all the stress, but she ignored it. She had to come up with a solution. 10 minutes later it was playroom time. All the prisoners were let out and led to the playroom. They were led to a barred door, and inside. She was horrified. It was a big room, but surely not big enough to fit fifty people. Everything in the room was made of pure steel. The doors, the walls, and the roof. There was but one window. It was tightly barred with metal bars. The room was empty of room of anything other than these people.
There was no way she would be able to escape from this place. It was impossible. She scanned the crowd of heads for someone in particular. There! Petri! He was also scanning heads for her. He spotted her, and they pushed their way to each other. They hugged, and then started talking about an escape. But there was no answer to be found. This place was inescapable. They would die here. But at least they would die together.

Petri was happy to see Liz. But when he told her about how it would be impossible to escape, his happiness dissipated. There had to be a way. There was always a way. But this time, it seemed like Liz was right. This was where they were going to die. Tears sprang up into his eyes. He had failed. They had all failed.
He and Liz stood in the crowded room for an hour, then were led back to their prisons.

Petri paced in front of his cell door. Why couldn’t anything change? Why was he so energetic? Probably because he had been cooped up for a while. Hailey lay on the floor, gently snoring. But he couldn't sleep. He was too desperate to escape. But he knew that to find a way to escape he would need to sleep. So he lay back down, and this time, slept.

“Hello? Do you hear me? I’m here to rescue you! Come on, wake up before I’m found! Please!”
What a wonderful dream. A dream of escape. But wait, it wasn’t a dream! It was real! Petri opened his eyes, and groggily stood up. A young, alien girl stood in front of his cage, looking anxious. “I am here to rescue you! I hate what my people are doing. I hate my family, I have no friends, and my life here is miserable. Please.
I want to go to earth with you, and rescue mankind. I have the key. Let me just unlock this.” She slid the key in, and unlocked the cell. Petri couldn’t believe this was happening! What an unexpected escape! He grabbed Hailey in his arms, and lifted her up. She was quite light, and easy to carry because of her small frame.
She led him to Liz’s prison, and let her  and her cell mates out. They started letting everyone in the prison out. In a couple minutes, everyone was out. Some were carrying personal belongings. Others were carrying people who were too weak to walk. And still other were crawling along behind. Liz and Petri took the lead, and led the roughly 50 last humans out toward the prison entrance. Unfortunately, the guard was awake, but the strongest quickly attacked him, and soon he was left with nothing at all. Not even his clothes. They started on again, deep into the silent night. They walked towards to unknown desert-type land, hopefully in the way of the NASA rocket. Hopefully, they would soon be at the rocket with their friends again.

Chapter 13-Liz
Liz’s legs were exhausted. They had been walking for hours, taking a short break every 15 minutes. Hardly anyone here was strong enough to keep walking much longer. She wondered if they had gone in the wrong direction. But everything looked familiar. Wait,  the rocket was only 20 minutes away from the prison. They had been walking at least 4 hours. They had definitely gone the wrong way. Even worse: there was no food or water around for miles and the weaker ones were passing out a lot. Wailing came from the back of the group, and they all stopped to see what the trouble was. Petri, Sohana (the alien girl who rescued them), and Liz walked to the back of the group.
A woman was wailing on the ground with a 5 year old little boy in her arms. The boy wasn’t breathing. He was dead. Tears sprang into Liz’s eyes as she watched the mother grieve. They took a half hour break to bury and mourn the little boy. This reminded Liz of her mother’s burial. But her mother had only had her husband, daughter, and minister to mourn her. This boy had 50 or 60 people mourning him. It also reminded her that these people were not strong. Some couldn’t even walk. They would have to find a way to water and eventually food. She told this to Petri, and he nodded. He knew the risk.
After the 30 minute break, they walked on, everyone dreary, and fearing their own loved ones. Lives were at stake here. Only the strongest would survive. That brought tears to her eyes. Why did this have to happen? What had driven the aliens to capture, torture, and kill mankind?
She looked up again. Everything looked exactly the same. The sweltering sun was setting, but it wasn’t especially beautiful. Her muscles ached as she took one step after another. Finally, Petri stopped the group, and let out the bad news, although everybody had probably already guessed. They were lost. Even if they had known it, their faces fell, and their heads drooped with exhaustion and they were on the verge of giving up. The sun had set, and it was finally cooling off. Maybe they would actually have a sufficient night of sleep. But as she was thinking this, one of the elderly men came up to her, and told her that everybody needed to gather together to share their body warmth. Confused, she just stared at him. His shoulders were slumped, and his back was hunched with age. But his voice, though croaky from lack of water, was strong, and confident as he told her that although the desert days are hot, the nights could kill you with the freezing temperatures.

She shivered,  and followed him to the group forming around a rock. The old guy explained to her that the rock also captured body heat, and would help keep them warm. Many people there were holding their own fist-sized rocks to their stomachs. Men who had taken off their shirts, reapplied them, and the women let their hair down to cover their necks. Everyone laid down next to the boulder, and people snuggled up with their family member and friends. A young woman came over, and told them that they had saved the warmest spot for them. They thought about declining, but the warmth sounded so good, that they walked as quickly as possible and lay down. The spot was blocked from the wind by people, and the rock lay before them, glowing with a slight hue of navy blue. Blue? Oh well. She was too tired to think about it. She would see in the morning. Maybe she was hallucinating. Oh well. She closed her eyes, and was instantly asleep. A shriek welled up around her. Her eyes flicked open, and she jumped up.
Everybody was already awake. They were standing around, staring a the now glowing blue rock. The shrieking grew louder. Everybody clapped their hands to their ears to quiet the sound, but it still rang in their minds. Flames licked at the bottom of the glowing stone, and a rumbling sound exploded around them. Everybody shuffled backwards, trying to shake the feeling that something was about to happen. A chunk of stone disappeared for a second, and then reappeared. A loud, rumbling voice echoed throughout the desert, loud and clear…….and dangerous.
“What are you doing near my cave?” It sounded angry, and confused. “I said, what are you doing near my cave?!” This time, the invisible being screamed it out in anger that they had dared to defy him. Petri took a deep breath and stepped forward. The crowd around them sighed, thankful that somebody would answer and they didn’t have to. Petri, shaking like a scared kitten, walked up to the rock,  and answered with the most sincere of voices. “Sir, we did not know this was a cave. We were using it to preserve our body heat, and maybe some of us would survive. We hope that we did not intrude. We did not know this was someone’s home. We are sorry, and will do anything to fix it. Is there a way we can work for you?”
“Hmmm.” It answered. It was actually considering it. “NO!!!!” It yelled. This thing was NOT friendly. “You will work for me, and you will NEVER escape! NEVER!!!! You will be my slaves. You will not speak unless spoken to. You will do every order without question! Ha ha ha. Nice try, but you will not, trust me, will NOT escape!!! Ha ha ha!!!!”
His laughs echoed throughout everything. And everybody stood, shaking and pinching themselves to make sure that this was real. Liz already had a red, swollen bump from where she had pinched herself a hundred times already. All the people waited to see what their orders were. The person, or animal…..or whatever it was, let itself appear. Everyone screamed. Before them was a bunny rabbit. It was tiny, and adorable, with huge eyes. Lots of the kids ran to it saying, “BUNNY, BUNNY, SUCH A CUTE BUNNY!” The bunny’s nose twitched, and it cowered down in fear. Not because the children were screaming, but it was cowering in front of something behind all the children. Behind even the adults. Everyone slowly turned around. This time they really screamed.
It was the shape of a human. Talons attached to it’s feet. It’s skin was made of scales. Wings graced it’s back. It’s eyes were a bright green, with a hint of something cruel and dangerous. It’s mouth was taut in a smile with razor sharp teeth lining the gums, and swirling down to the depths of it’s throat. It’s jaw was like a snake, hinging and unhinging gracefully. The tongue of a snake slipped out of it’s reptilian mouth. It’s lips stretched taut in a haunting smile of cruel joy. Thousands of smaller clones looking exactly like it, but a little smaller were surrounding the people and herding them to the “cave”.
It looked a lot smaller than it actually was. The inside was literally bigger than the outside because of the thousand or so dark, winding steps that led underground. That was where they were taken. There was total darkness. If she wasn’t sure that the reptile thingys could see in the dark, she would have freaked out. They were reptiles…..weren’t they? They were like mixes between snakes and lizards. But really, what were they. Whose side were they on? If not the humans, they must be on the side of the aliens. The steps came to an abrupt end, and the sound of the people's’ bare feet as they slapped against the concrete flooring. Everything was pitch black, and the “things” had to herd them down narrow halls, making hundreds of turns. No way she could escape, even if they had a torch.
Way too many turns.  Right, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, left, right. Soon, the sound of jingling chains and the moans of pain was echoing in her ears. They stopped in front of, what she guessed was a cell. Everybody was herded in. As soon as possible, they got away from those monsters whose laughs cackled through the underground dungeons.

They huddled together in the back of their cell, trying to get as far back as possible. People pressed against each other. Children cried as their parents abandoned them and pushed them forward. Petri and Liz stood in front of the children trying to protect them. The reptilian monsters laughed away and walked back the way they had come. Some of the other, more loyal men came up to help them out. As soon as the things were gone, they helped calm everyone down. But LIz was all riled up and couldn’t be calmed. She went straight up to a man who had totally abandoned his 4 year old child and pushed her up to the front and Liz yelled at the top of her lungs.
“Why would you do that?! Men are supposed to protect women and children. Not hurt them! Think about all those stories of boats that sank where the men sacrificed themselves for their children and wives. They were real men, loyal and faithful till the end. Why can’t any of you be that way?! We just rescued you, and all of mankind! Without us, you would have still been in your cells! Now listen up! We are going to get some things straight here! Rule 1: No pushing or shoving to get to the back unless it is highly necessary or me or Petri tell you to. Rule 2: The men will protect the women and children no matter the cost, unless they don't want the protection.  

Rule 3: We will all do our best to stay motivated and try not to get into any arguments.
Is that clear?!” Hopefully everybody nodded. Finally she calmed down. “Now, let’s get outta here!”

She studied the door, using her hands to feel it and figure out how it worked. She pulled off a wire from her braces, and asked for somebody who could pick locks. A 11 year ar old girl came up and tried, put their wasn't a lady ci to insert the shaped wire.
So Hana came over, and explained. “On Jupiter, we use locks that recognize the retina in the eye. It is impossible to escape unless they helped us.”
“ I have an idea.” A 7 year old boy came up and down plainest his plan, and it sounded less like it might work. He bounded back to his mom excitedly. She just smiled at him. “Guard! We want to tell you something highly important.”
The guard at the end of the hall walk to their cell, smirked, and said, “I don't fall for things like that.” With a sweet, innocent smile, Liz crept up to him and said, “You already did!” With that, she grabbed him around the neck, and yanked him against the unbreakable steel. She heard a faint crack, and he collapsed onto the floor. She picked him up, held his face in front of the scanner, and forced an eyelid open. The scanner buzzed, and the steel door creaked open. Telling everybody to be quiet, she peeked out into the hall, listening carefully. Nobody had heard the door open. She explained her plan to everyone.
Tie the prisoner up, and tell them where the exit out of the dungeons was. First, Liz went through his pockets. She found his sword, and gave it to Petri, and she took the long knife. They tied up their prisoner, and waited for him to regain consciousness. He did. Slowly he came to.
Liz went straight to the point. “You will obey every order any of us give you. We have already searched you, and you have nothing but your clothes now. Now, first order, tell us how to get outta here. If you lead us to the other….things you die. If you lead us out safely, we will simply let you go.”
He nodded his head vigorously. The alien thing slowly got up, and everybody surrounded him to cut off any escape attempts. He walked slowly down the echoing tunnels, and brought them, it seemed, deeper into the darkness. But eventually, their surroundings started lightening up. It went from black to dark gray, to a lighter shade of gray, to a very light gray color. Pretty soon, they could see their escape route-a glowing white doorway leading into the woods. When they got to the doorway, they tied their “friend” to one of the more comfortable cell doors, and left him there, while they walked out into the lightening morning sky. It was so beautiful compared to their dank, uncomfortably tight cell.
The trees swayed in the light breeze all around them, and they took in deep breaths of fresh morning air. It was cool out, do to the breeze, and the morning dew littered lightly along the bright green grass.
They walked joyfully down into the forest. But something was wrong. As they got deeper in, the forest got darker, and more foreboding. The trees shadowed the sun from breaking through, making dark grey shadows crawl along the forest floor.
Shivering, Liz tried to encourage the 2 year old girl she was carrying. She turned to Petri, “Petri, something is wrong with these woods. We need to get out of here.” “I agree, but we are all tired. The only thing we can do at the moment, is keep walking.” She nodded, and kept having to remind herself to put one foot in front of the other.
A howl filled the sky. A howl that told everyone Liz had been right. Something deranged was out there. Hunting them. Leaves shifted as paws lightly hit the floor. Darker shadows of recognizable shapes paced around them into a circle of something that was vaguely familiar. “WOLVES! Everybody run! Follow me!” Petri led the way, weaving through the trees at his quickest possible pace. Parents picked up the younger ones as another deranged, hunger driver howl filled the air. They ran, blindly falling, and getting back up, no matter how bad their injuries were.
“Climb the trees!!!” She yelled. Fathers put children on their backs and climbed up after the women.Wolves caught up quickly and circled the trees. Growling, saliva dripping of their jaws, they sat down patiently, as if they had done this many times. Coming up with an idea, Liz took out her small pocket knife, and cut off small sticks from the tree. Then she sharpened them. Twisting her body for more momentum, she threw the sticks at the wolves lying by her tree. Yelps filled the sky then died down to silence again. Everybody followed her lead.

Within 15 minutes, the only sound was crickets creating their melody. Hesitantly she climbed down from her tree. Nothing happened. No wolf leapt onto her exposed back. No teeth digging into her spine. She nodded to Petri who called everyone down, and they crept more quietly through the trees, looking over their shoulders every couple minutes.

Chapter 14-Petri
Petri looked over at Liz, wondering how she could think so quickly and react to something with such speed! She had an intent look on her face. She wasn’t panicking. She was perfectly calm, which was rare due to the situation. She was walking at a good pace, like a fast walk. He looked in front again. The trees were starting to get thinner. It seemed like they were almost out of the woods, which was good. It would likely be less likely to be eaten by wolves.
A whooshing sound filled their ears. The trees branches flew around them and a small flying craft landed to the right of them. It was their craft. Helen jumped out of the craft, and waved wildly to them. They ran to her. One by one they climbed in. It was a little cramped, but everybody fit. THey took off, this time to leave the dark planet and go back to Earth.They flew back to where the air releaser was, hoping that the air was cleaner. It was incredibly fresh. Everybody became more relaxed. Petri let out a deep breath. They were alive. Barely. They still had some more to do.
Over the years the world’s population grew. Even though there were less people than originally, the population had grown since that horrible cancer escape. Petri and Liz got married at age 19 and 20. They had 3 kids of which they named after their friends: Helen, Hector, and Sam, after  the boy that had died on Jupiter. The legends of Petri Svetlana and Liz Nordin who went to Jupiter to literally save the world.


Author’s Note
I started writing stories at age 11. As I’ve written more and more they have gotten better and better. I enjoy writing as a hobby, and hope that you enjoy this story.
My hope is that my books will someday be published, and people all around the world will get a chance to see what a passionate writer’s stories looks like.
Remember that sometimes things will look hard. But it will always turn out for something good.
Happy Birthday to my Mom. This was originally written for her, but I hope others can read it to.
I hoped you enjoyed it!



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