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Agent 64

February 25, 2019


Agent 64

By: Juliet E. C.


Jane Atler held her baby for the first time. She had named him Noah, and he had been born on June 3, 2003.
He looked up at  her, and smiled slightly. The next day, when she took him home, she laid Noah in his bed.
3 years later
Jane’s husband was on a business trip. When she came home from the grocery store, the door was unlocked, and the house was a mess.
But scariest of all there was a burning note on the desk. It said, “Leave. Without your child. He is needed to help save this country.”
Jane had a heart attack, and Noah was just a toddler, so he crawled away into the world  on his own. But deep in his mind was the picture of the unlocked door, and the look of distress on his mother’s face…….

Chapter 1
16 year old Noah Alter snuck along, his feet barely tapping to forest floor.
His homemade bow was slung around his shoulder, and he silently slipped it off, and carefully strung an arrow.
The deer’s ears pricked up. It seemed to look right at him, but he knew he was hidden…..for now.
He waited until the doe relaxed and went back to eating, before he shifted, and let the arrow fly. His aim was true as the arrow struck the doe. It tried to run, but it collapsed a few steps later.
He smiled, and stood up. He sliced open the stomach and pulled out the intestines. He whistled. A howl answered him, and a black wolf trotted into his line of sight. It looked up at him and he nodded. It tore into the guts of the still warm deer.

Noah carried the carcass to his home. He tied it up to let it bleed out. While waiting, he built a fire, and stared into the flames.

After eating, he got down on his bed, and slept.
Screaming, running, his heart pounding in his chest. He looked back. The people were calling to him. He couldn’t remember what they said. They were after him. They always were. He was on the run.
He always was.
Noah woke to find he was sweating. Somebody had to stop this. Someone. But nobody would. Except him…...

Chapter 2
“I need X in here right now!” Liam Bragg slammed his hand against his office desk. Jack Sloff scuttled off.
In the few moments it took for X to get in there, Liam sat down, and took deep breaths to try to calm himself. Best not get angry when an assassin is around.
X took his time walking into the little office. “X! What is the status of the victims. I want the personality of every one of them, and their age, etc. Remember, just the boys.”
“Sam Rhin. 18 years old. Blood type: A negative. Personality: Prideful, confident, good at art, and writing. Accurate at throwing things. He gets a lot of practice.
Ryan Staf. 23 years of age. Blood Type: AB positive. Loves reading, and sports. Quiet, but courageous. Bossy. Tough, good at reading people, always happy.
Noah Atler. 16 years of age. Blood type: O positive. Personality: Quiet, confident, smart, thoughtful, good fighter, quick thinker, accurate, good at reading people, very fast. Also impatient, tough, determined, and sometimes a little over-confident. Smooth liar.

Joe Smith. Blood type: B negative. Personality: Loves music, also impatient, loves every girl he meets, very smart with math and science, slow thinker, determined, and under confident. Loud, creative.

“Good. Thank you. So who do you think it is?” “I don’t know, sir. Do we even know if the legend is real? It’s might just be a story!” “Can you go over the legend with me?” “Ok. A young man, born on June 3, 2003, will one day, at the age of 16-20 overthrow the government.” “That is why! We cannot take the chance of having our leadership and wealth taken away from us. They must be taken care of. You know what to do.”
“Liam, be reasonable. More, be real. It’s just a story!”
“X, do you want me to fire you????” “Fine, so kill them?” “Yes. I believe it is Noah Atler.”
X walked to the doorway, but stops. “Hey Liam. I have an idea. You think it is Noah Atler. What if we kill the other ones, and get Atler on our side. Working for us. He would never go against us if he was for us!” Liam nodded his head. “Ok. Do it. Get him in here, try to talk him into it, but if he doesn’t take the bait, force will work too.” X smiled, and nodded.
There was work to do.

Chapter 3
Noah crouched at the small pond, fishing line in hand. He lowered it into the water, letting gentle waves ripple in the water.
Crunching noises filled his ears. He pulled the fishing line out of the water, slipped out his switchblade, and stood, feet shoulder-width apart.
A lone man on a horse was walking straight toward him. He did a quick evaluation. No weapons in sight. But who knows what he had under his clothes, or hidden somewhere nearby.
“Hello!” Said the someone. “I am Lark. May we talk? I have some good news for you.” He showed no threat, so Noah put his knife away, and motioned for Lark to follow. He led him to a clearing, and made a small fire.
“What do you want?”
“Let’s start from the beginning. I work for the government. Let’s say the government has been watching you for the past 16 years. What would you say to that?”
“Uh, that is weird, and creepy at the same time.”
“Ok. Fair enough. What would you say if the government wanted to hire you?”
“I would ask what my tasks would be.”
“Look Noah. This is highly secretive. I could tell you, but then I’d either have to kill you, or never let you see anyone again, or have you say yes.”
“How about I just promise not to tell anyone?”
“Come on, Noah. You may not know me yet, but know, here and now, that I am not stupid. Neither are you. You live on your own. You have a lot of talents not many people have. The government needs you to help this country. Every country needs a hero. Who knows, it could be you.”
“Yeah, Lark, but you don’t know me either. Maybe I like living on my own. And who wants to be a hero? Way too many crowds. No thanks. I won’t let you talk me into anything.”
“Fine. We can do this the hard way.” Lark whistled. Roughly 30 men came out of the brush around them.
They tackled Noah.
He kicked someone in the head, slipped out of their arms, and pulled out his switchblade. He knew it was coming. The blow to his head was hard, and his head snapped back. Black spots came into his eyesight.
A man caught him before he fell. Somebody said something but their voice was foggy. The world spun, and darkness reached out to him.

Chapter 4
The throbbing was horrible. Right behind his eyes. When he opened his eyes there was only darkness. Oh wait, there was a small lightbulb above him the allowed dim lighting in the room.
He cleared his thoughts, and studied the room. Stone walls, light bulb, wooden bed, small chair in the corner. Wait, that chair was occupied.
The occupant stood. Wasn’t Lark, though he did have the same slight Russian accent, but his voice was softer.
“Vhy did you say no to Lark? Everything he said vas true. You have a life, yes? But a life full of loneliness and hardship. Have you ever thought about having a real life? A family, a stable job, anything?”
It was true enough. He had thought about it before. It sure would be nice.
“Let me think it over again. Give me 2 hours. Then I will have an answer.”
“Ok. 2 hours. Then we meet again.”

Chapter 5
“Lium. He wants the job.”
A couple hours later.
“Ah, Atler. Please come in. My companion says you want the job.”
“Yes sir.”
“Alright, first you need to sign this document saying you agree to all the terms.”
He watched carefully as Noah signed. “Alright. I would like to hire you as a secret assassin. You will be reporting directly to me.
Your first mission is a young woman. Name: Maria Johnson. Work: Publix
Here is her picture.
For your first 3 missions you are allowed to bring them in as prisoners, and after your 3rd mission, you are allowed to bring them in if you think there is any useful information.”
“Yes sir.”
“Good. Your name is now Rory Morrison. Only you and the government know your real name. Now go”

Noah, code-named Rory, left wondering if he did the right thing. An assassin? Was this real?
Why would they want him? Why had they been watching him?
He was just a normal kid, wasn’t he???

But it wasn’t time to rethink. It was time to plan. Time to plan for Mission #1.

Chapter 6
Noah shifted from his uncomfortable position. His legs were numb, but he knew the time was near. He pulled out his sniper rifle, and aimed….pop pop pop.
The bullets fled, speeding towards the victim. The body collapsed, and he was happy with success. But deep in his heart, he knew he had just taken an innocent life.
This person didn’t do anything to him. It wasn’t his right to kill her.
But he shoved the guilt deep down, and pulled out the body bag. Time to show the boss what he was made of.

6 years later.
42 kills.
0 failures.

Next victim: Man, Pastor, William Gar. 26 years old. Very religious. Caused a government secret agent to retire.
Must be killed within 4800 hours.

Noah nodded, and polished his throwing knives.
He felt horrible. Another mission. Another kill. Another sad note to a lonely family as they hear the news of a dead loved one.
That night he tried to get some sleep in before midnight. But he just got the same as every night in the past 6 years.
Nightmares, or more like memories.
Blood trailing down his fingers. Dead bodies, the horrified faces of the distraught families as they got the news. Their mother, father, or sibling-assassinated.
The guilt he felt every time. Their cries ringing in his ears.

This needed to stop. He couldn’t do this anymore. But if he ran, he would be hunted, and killed, by another assassin. A better one.
His boss kept saying that he was the best of the best,
but Noah didn’t believe that.
This wasn’t how a government should be. Killing people because their hearts might rebel even a little against the government.
Someone had to stop this. But nobody did. But what if he could? He could run. Get people on his side.
But no. He was too scared. These weren’t people he was dealing with. These were monsters, who found joy in destroying innocent lives, and bringing other innocent lives into it, and making them copies; monsters.

Chapter 7

Noah took deep, calming breaths as he slipped the safety off on his sniper rifle.
He forced himself to look through the eyepiece, at where the pastor would be. But wait, nobody was there.
What had happened to all his careful planning?
What went wrong??? Boss would kill him if he failed!
“Hello.” Came a voice behind him. He rolled in case of attack, and stood, staring in shock.
In front of him stood his victim.
He dropped his rifle, and pulled the silencer on his German, semi-automatic pistol.
He pointed it at the pastor.
“Anything you want to say to your family?”
He couldn’t help the shivers in his voice, or his rapid breathing.
“Tell them I will see them again someday. Tell them that God has a plan for this.”
Noah shivered. Something about this man…..some memory.
“Who are you?”
“I am your dad.”
Shock filled him again. No way. This couldn’t be.
“My father was killed in a plane accident the day before my mother died.
“Noah. Look at us. Look at the similarities. How could we not be related?”
They did look very much alike.
“I remember a code you taught me at age 2. Who are you?”
“Son, I am a man created by God.”
They smiled for they knew that the connection between them had not been lost.
“Here, Noah, come on in. Feel free to take or leave the guns.”
“I have to take them, or someone might find them, and know I failed my mission.”
“So what is your job exactly?”
“I am a secret assassin, working for the government. I started training when I was 16.”
William looked at him seriously, “Do you enjoy it?”
Noah looked at the ground. “I hate it. I have nightmares every night about the people I’ve killed. When I started, I thought it would be something small, because I was so young. I thought I might get married, and have kids, and have a normal life.
I could have a stable job, to make a stable home for my family.
But I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I’ve wanted to quit these past couple weeks. To tell the truth, I have recorded some conversations between me and my boss. I was going to make it known to the world who the government truly is.
But I could never bring myself to make those conversations public.”
“Son, do you remember anything I taught you about God?”
“God doesn’t care what you have done. He still loves you. Even if you killed every person on the earth, he would still love you, and accept you as long as you gave your life to him.
All he wants in return of his love is that you accept and love Him. Just believe in Him, and ask for forgiveness from Him, and from the families of those you killed. Can you do that?”
“Yeah, but Dad, if I go, they will come after me. They will hunt me down and kill me, and most likely you too.”
But Noah still prayed and asked forgiveness from God, and he felt peace wash over him instead of the guilt he had felt for the past 6 years.
His father had tears in his eyes. Tears of happiness. “Son. I will help you make those conversations public, and tell the police. I will make sure you have some sort of professional military protection while you go to the families. Ok?” “OK. I need to get away from here now. You too.
They will come after us soon.”
Noah and William jumped into a jeep wrangler, and bounced off into the night at full speed. They talked about Noah’s newfound faith as they drove, and William gave Noah a driving lesson.
They went straight to the police.
“Hello, how may I help you?”
“Hi. My son here has a story he needs to share with you guys as soon as possible.”
“Sure, one moment. Come into this room.”
Noah entered the room. He sat down at the table, and so did his father.
They talked quietly until there was a knock on the door.
“Come in.”
“Hi, I am James. Carrie says you have an important story? Do you mind if I record it?”
“Please do.”
He pressed the “record” button, and Noah began.
“6 years ago, at age 16, a man came to me. He didn’t seem hostile, so I didn’t attack, but I took him to a clearing to talk instead of my home.
He told  me that he worked for the government, and that they had been watching me ever since I was born.
They wanted to hire me. At first I said no. I liked living in the forest with no problems.
But then about 30 men came out of the brush around me and attacked me.
I was knocked unconscious, and taken to a building with no memory of how I had gotten there.
They tried to convince me again, and after thinking it over, I said yes.
At the time, I had no idea what type of work I would be doing. I thought it would be something small, because I was so young, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
They hired me as a secret assassin. They sent me to kill people. By that time they had brainwashed me into thinking I was doing the right thing for my country.
I killed many people. After a couple years, I started to get sick of it. I wanted to quit. I had nightmares and memories of my victims’ families and how they reacted to the bad news.
I hated it.
My last mission was sent 2 days ago for me to kill again.
Again, I had to work up the courage to get out there with a rifle, and destroy another innocent person.
Then, I found it was my father. I told him some of the story, before we came here.”
“Wow. So the government really is awful. A bad example to the human race.
I will get this to some other people, and we’ll get there immediately.
Is there anything you guys need?”
“Sir, who knows if someone will come after my son. He quit the job, but he knows highly confidential information. They will do whatever they can to keep that information from going public. Is there a way you can get some military protection for my son?”
“I’ll see what I can do.”
“Thank you. Noah also has some recorded conversations with his boss, and he wants to make them public. Is that ok?”
“Go ahead. The world deserves to know.”
So Noah had 6 highly trained Navy SEALS protecting him day and night. Noah made the conversation public with the help of William. Meanwhile, The police force attacked the government agency, and arrested all but one man. The man who escaped. A very dangerous assassin. X was out in the world.
X was out to get revenge on Noah.
Evil against good.
God against Satan.

Note from the Author
Hi, I am Juliet Crank. I am 12 years old, and I am very happy with my book, and I hope you are too.
Writing is my hobby. It works as school, but it is also fun.
I would love to have my book published someday, because I am rarely noticed. I don’t want to be famous, because I hate crowds, and lots of people at one place, but I do like to make friends.
Remember that no matter what you have done, God still loves you.
Never forget it.
God’s Child,
                                 Juliet Crank

My story was based on this song: Never Too Far Gone by Jordan Feliz
Look up the lyrics. They are full of truth.


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