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Dangerous Blood

February 25, 2019


By: Juliet E. C.

Adrian jumped off the bus and walked through the arched doorway to his math class. It was the first day of school and his eyes wandered the hall, looking for his best friend, Kaden. He identified Kaden and walked up behind his back. He gently tapped his best friend's shoulder, then slunk back into the crowd of students. Kaden turned and glanced his way. He smiled, “Adrian! Good to see you!!!! How was Summer Camp??” Adrian walked back to Kaden and they shook hands. “It was good! Would of been better if you were there with us.  How was Michigan?” “It was great, but I had a hard time not wishing you were there.” “Oh Kaden, you know we don’t have money for that.” “I know. I wish you could come live with me, and not in a crowded hut.” Just then the bell rang out. “Let’s go.” They pushed through the crowd of people until they came to room 113. They found their seats, and Adrian rested his head on his hand. It was going to be a long day.
                                                       6 hours later

Adrian walked through the front door. “I’m home!” His younger sister, Olivia dashed down the stairs and gave him a hug. She was 7 and adored her older brother. “Where is Mom?” “Upstairs doing laundry.” Adrian trudged up the stairs and turned right into the circle of rooms. He veered left into the laundry room. His eyes widened, as his heart beat wildly. His mother was lying on the floor, unconscious.  He went into the Living room and picked up the emergency phone. He dialed 3 numbers. 911. “Hello, is this an emergency?” “Yes. I need an ambulance. My mother is……. sick.” “What is your address?” “2008 Stone Drive, Tomball, Texas, 40251.” “We’re on our way.” “Thank you.” “Sure.” Adrian dragged his mother downstairs and into the sitting room. He set her on the couch to rest. Olivia walked up next to the loveseat.
“What’s wrong with Mom?” She scrunched up her nose and her eyes started to water. “What’s that smell?” She was right, it did smell weird. Was that…….smoke? “Our house is on fire! Olivia, grab Ickle and go outside. Go to the trees. I’ll meet you at our racing spot.” Ickle was their Iguana. Olivia dashed into the kitchen and grabbed Ickle. He squirmed in protest, but finally relented to her comforting touch. She ran outside towards Irwick Wood. Adrian’s eyes switched from his sister to his mother. He lifted her up onto his shoulders. He stumbled blindly through the thick fog trying to remember which room was where. He couldn’t breathe! His head started to swirl and he lost all recognition of his surroundings. He dropped to his knees, his body weakening. Blackness swirled and his mind went blank.
It had been 4 hours. Adrian should have been here by now. 7 year old Olivia Blast struggled through the undergrowth of Irwin Wood, towards her burned down house. Fear made it’s way into the pit of her stomach. What if her brother was dead? What about her Mom? She quickened her steps, determined to find them. But when she came in sight of the house, her insides turned. The fire had gone out, but everything was destroyed. Police and firemen were everywhere, talking on radios, or searching through the rubble. A tall, olive-skinned man noticed her and walked towards her. She dashed back into the darkening woods, not looking back. Her feet were placed perfectly, as the police was stumbling and tripping. She and Adrian had pretty much lived in the woods, so she had everything memorized. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any cave or secret hideout place to hide in. She would just have to lose him. She took a sharp turn left, and  staggered into a tree. Her head buzzed and she had no control over her body. She blinked rapidly, trying to stay awake, but, against her will, fell into a black hole of darkness.
Adrian awoke to the sound of chains. He peeled his eyelids open, revealing other prisoners, skinny and weak from lack of food, being led into their own cells. It was his second day here, wherever here was. He still hadn’t been fed, or even been told where he was, or why he was here. Each cell door was made of metal bars, an inch thick, criss crossing each other to make a tic-tac-toe-like shape. Each cell had only two windows each leading into the neighboring cells. Adrian peeked through the one on his left. No one was in that cell. No one on his right either. He once again seated himself and pressed his ear against the air vent. Voices echoed through, hollow-sounding as they traveled through the tunnels. Unexpectedly, a burly, muscled man came and unlocked his door. He jumped up, and walked towards him. His hands were tied, and he was led down a long, dark hall and turned right into an empty room. Or empty except for one chair and a pile of chains. The floor was stained with blood from the last victim, and Adrian knew he was next. The guy chained him in a seated position in the creaky chair, and left him alone with his foreboding thoughts.
Olivia’s eyes flew open. Where was she??? What had happened? She was in an empty, but clean room. She jumped up and tried the door. It was locked as she had expected. There were no windows in the room, so no way of escape. She banged on her door, and finally she got some results. The olive-skinned guy who had chased her, opened it, and invited himself in. “W-why am I here? What exactly is this place?” “You are at the police station. I can answer all your questions, if you promise to come with me and not run away when I let you out. You will have 3 other escorts to the interrogation room. Then we will tell you about your brother.” Olivia nodded and she was led out of her empty room. 3 other people surrounded her, protecting her from the on-going rush of the other police. She was taken into a room and soon another man came in and her escorts left. “Please, have a seat.” She seated herself in the plastic chair and drummed her fingers on the metal table. “Your brother, Adrian, was kidnapped. We have no idea why, or by who. We have Adrian’s blood sample, so it will be easier to identify him. Would you explain what he looks like to me??” Gaining confidence, Olivia put Adrian’s features into the best detail possible. “Dark brown, wavy hair. Blue eyes. Freckles. Tan skin, and he is very smart.” “Thank you very much. I’m guessing you have some questions of your own?” “First, how is my mother?” With downcast eyes, the bearded man in front of her folded his hands and set them on a knee. Olivia took this as a bad sign and tears flooded her eyes as she imagined the worst. “She is gone. I’m so sorry. We didn’t get there in time.” Wet droplets flooded down her cheeks in torrents. She was orphaned. Her heart filled with anger. Anger at her brother for losing consciousness. Anger at her mother for getting sick and not being able to run away. And anger at herself for running away like a scared kitten, tail tucked beneath the legs. She had nobody now. The olive-skinned man led her out and drove her to a hotel. The whole 2-hour drive she stared out the window, eyes empty. She had nothing left. No energy, no tears, and no family. “I am Nathaniel. I will buy you a room, and I will sleep on the floor.”  Olivia just nodded her head and stared longingly outside. They arrived. The engine stopped it’s rumblings and the car was turned off. Nathaniel and Olivia walked into the small hotel called ‘Eat, warm and sleep.’ Inside the keeper took them up 2 flights of stairs and turned right, into a long hallway. They stopped at door 54. “This is your room from now on. Here is the key.” Nathaniel thanked him and dropped 3 silver coins into the man’s hand. The old, white-haired man left, and Nathaniel opened the door. Olivia’s eyes widened in surprise. She had expected to see dirty floors and grungy walls, but she was met instead with bright yellow walls and tile flooring. One small twin bed sat quietly in the middle of them room. There was a bookshelf full of books and a bedside table that held a lamp. The room was small, but comfortable. She went into the bathroom. The walls were a beautiful ocean color and everything was clean. First thing she got dressed in some clothes provided for her, then she washed her hands. Oh! The warm water felt so soothing along her dry hands. She rinsed her face, and brushed her teeth. Afterwards she climbed under the covers of the soft bed and went immediately to sleep. She awoke with a start. Something or someone was trying to get in. She crept out and nudged Nathaniel with her foot. He groaned but kept snoring. She nudged him again when the door handle started creaking. This time he woke up but before he could ask anything, the door burst open, and someone very unexpected came in.
Adrian lifted his head as the man who put him there came in along with 4 guards and a short, but muscular man arrived. “I am King Richard which means ‘powerful ruler.’ That is quite true. This here is my er…….assistant, Irving which means ‘handsome’. That is true also. I have some questions for you. What is your name?” Adrian lifted his head defiantly although his heart raced with fear. Silence echoed through the room. “You're not going to tell are you? I will break you. You will work with the other prisoners until you will answer my questions. And trust me, you will.” A chilling smile broke through King Richard’s face. Adrian shivered at the thought of punishment for escaping. But that didn’t matter now. He would have to wait until the police found him. Unless they didn’t.
In the frame of the doorway stood Adrian’s best friend, Kaden. Olivia sighed with relief once she had recognized his shape. She made introductions to Nathaniel and Kaden. “I am here because I have a lead on Adrian. I know where they’re hideout is. It is in the Sahara desert. It is an infamous place called Lonely Mountain.  I researched it. They kidnap people and make them build their fort for them. The prisoners are fed very little in unlivable places. 4-by-4 ft across and tall and 7 feet high. One air vent. You have almost no human contact except when you are working.” “That’s awful!” If Olivia had any tears left she would have cried just imagining Adrian’s living conditions. “I say the 3 of us go looking for the fort.” “It’ll be hard work, and we’ll need lots of supplies, but I think you are right. Adrian needs us, so we will do our best to help him.” Olivia’s heart beat faster in anticipation in finding her older brother.
Adrian awakened to the sound of metal keys sliding into his cell lock. “Time for work! Get moving!” A rough voice yelled after all the prisoners had been let out. “Those of you who are new, I am Nevil. You will work by building blocks. Got to work.” He attached shackles to everyone's ankles, tying everyone together. If you had tried to escape the others would have to plan it all together, and there were guards at all times listening to their conversations. They trudged up to the half-built wall they were supposed to work on. After watching for a good 15 minutes, Adrian finally got the hang of it. Smudge some of the liquidy stuff, grab a brick, slam it down, and repeat. After only a couple minutes, sweat dribbled down his shoulder blades, and his back ached. As morning drew into evening, the sun sank into the horizon, letting a cold wind take over the slaves. The sweat on Adrian’s back chilled his body, and his arms were aching with fatigue. Finally, when Adrian felt he could not lift another block, Nevil called it quits. As soon as he was unchained from the others, Adrian sank down, and rolled himself into a ball, not caring the smell of his muddy body. How was he supposed to do this every day? He asked himself this question over and over in his head. The solution, he told himself, was to get some sleep. So he laid down his head, and let the sweet sound of pouring rain lull him into a feverish sleep.
Olivia’s heart beat faster as they packed up the supplies they had bought from the market. She put a can of tuna in her bag, zipped it shut, and swung it onto her slender shoulder. Kaden carried a slightly larger bag, while Nathaniel carried, or more like dragged, the biggest of the 3. After warming themselves once more by the roaring fire, they went outside into the frigid snow lingering from last night. They walked along the path and strode North. After an hour of walking, they stopped. A darkened forest stood in front of them, blocking their path. They once again trudged through the thickening snow, trying their best to keep their clothes dry. But, against their best efforts, within 15 minutes their clothes were soaked. Struggling through the torrents of rain and mud, the young travelers staggered on, mile after mile until it was too dark to see. They gathered wet branches to make a fort to sort of keep them dry. They laid out their moist sleeping bags, and laid them under the driest branches. Nathaniel sat in his bag and watched the rain pour down. Kaden and Olivia slept through the night. Olivia jerked awake with wild eyes. Something was nudging her.
Adrian’s toes burned as he once again trudged through the roasting sand, as the sun beat down mercilessly on his shirtless back. His arm muscles ached from hours of relentless work, yet the soreness told him he had done well. 3 hours into the work, Adrian tripped, his aching legs straining to hold his weight. Nevil uncoiled the whip on his belt, and the raking sound of leather against bare skin ripped through the burning daylight. Adrian squeezed his jaw shut, trying to stay quiet, but a cry escaped his lips. After 15, the lashes finally stopped. “Get back to work.” Adrian stood, pain radiating through his back at every movement. This was his life now. Relentless aching and soreness, not getting enough sleep, and trying to escape was not an option.
Olivia eyes widened with fear until she recognized Kaden. “It is time for you to watch until sunrise.” Kaden curled up in his own drying sleeping bag. If only Olivia could go back to sleep. But with a sense of duty she climbed out of her warm covers and crouched watching the horizon. What was Adrian going through? Was he okay? Was he hurt? Was he dead? Olivia shuddered and leaned against a tree that held their fort together. The skies above her slowly, bit by bit, lightened as the sun peeked above the forest. When the sky was painted a mix of pink, yellow, and red, a beautiful sight to be sure, Olivia crept back to her sleeping companions. She awoke them and once again they started walking through the lightened forest of Mauritania. Olivia wondered what they would find in the desert when they got there. Would there be wild animals like hyenas? Would they be eaten in the night? Would they be able to find Adrian? They eventually came to the edge of the forest. Beyond where the trees ended only sand, burning hot, bright sand. Miles of sun-bouncing dirt. Everyone cringed at the sudden brightness, but their determination sprayed adrenaline throughout their bodies. They kept on, knowing that every second could be a second before Adrian’s death. The thought of Adrian dying pushed them on, through the burning sunlight, and the blistering sand. As the sun flew West, the air around the travelers cooled, chilling their sticky bodies. They all went to bed. All but Nathaniel. But not getting enough sleep, Nathaniel couldn’t pay very much attention, and although he knew the risk, he slept. The only thing he did not
know was that his decision was a bad move. Hyenas circled around the little group, their paws silently pacing, the sand muffling their feet.
Although Adrian was awake, everything he could see was black. When he actually was more awake, he knew there was a blindfold covering his line of sight. He was once again chained to the chair in the Empty Room as he now called it. He heard footsteps as somebody entered the room. Moments later more footsteps arrived in his his line of hearing. His blindfold was removed and he could see King Richard and Irving pacing around him. “How can that be? He was just a normal kid.” “That’s right! I was just a normal kid! I had an awesome life before you barged into it and ruined it!” “Be quiet, boy! Or should I say ‘Ashtar’?” “Wait, what did you just say? What is an Ashtar?” Confusion clouded Adrian’s mind. An Ashtar? What on earth was he? Sighing, Irvin explained. “An Ashtar is not a human. They are from the planet ‘Oxter’.” “What are my abilities?” Adrian started to get excited! He wasn’t human! “Ashtar’s are stronger than humans. Both emotionally and physically. Pain is more severe than a human’s, but you have more strength to deal with it. You’re kind is also very observant. And when I say ‘very’ I mean ‘very.’ You will notice every little detail that no human could see no matter how hard they tried.” “Wow. What are you?” “I am an Orpas. I can talk into people’s minds. I can make them do things they don’t want to do even if they tried, they couldn’t control their own body.” “I bet that’s helpful considering your a kidnapper.” Adrian said sarcastically. Irvin frowned but stayed silent.  “It doesn’t matter what either of you think. I don’t want a fight to break out.” King Richard snapped. “Uhh, I’m sort of chained to a chair. I don’t think you have to worry about a fight.” “Quiet! I just don’t want an argument. Now I will have to take you to the Leader. He will be able to control you. He is an Orpas, like Irving, but he is much, much stronger in power. Considering you are an Ashtar, Irving cannot control you, because he doesn’t have the power. The Leader does. We will transport you tonight.” “Where does  he live?” “In the castle 10 miles from here, deeper into the desert.” Everyone huddled outside, but before he left, King Richard glanced Adrian’s way. “The Leader can inflict a kind of pain you have never felt in your life.” Then he left. Adrian was once again left to himself and slavering thoughts.
Olivia heard, or more like felt, something pawing at her hair. She opened her eyes and screamed. Standing over her was a dark-haired hyena. It was the biggest hyena she had ever seen. The scream echoed through the black desert, wakening Nathaniel and Kaden. After assessing the situation, they huddled into a little circle. They had no weapons, nothing. Then the hyenas attacked. As Olivia crawled through towards her bag of supplies, she felt raking pain in her leg, and felt the saliva of a hyena's fangs digging into her fragile leg. She kicked the growling hyena with her uninjured leg sending it sprawling and yelping at the same time. Despite the pain, she dragged herself onto her belly and yanked herself forward. She found her bag, and opened the left pocket. Inside she found her flashlight, her extra t-shirt, and the tuna can. She pulled out the flashlight and turned it on. She pointed it at the hyenas’ faces and sent them blindly running away from the bright light in their eyes. Only as soon as she was sure they were gone, did she sigh with relief. “Olivia, you're bleeding!” The pain rushed back and she sank to the ground. Kaden and Nathaniel exchanged looks of concern as they walked towards her. “I’m fine. Just a scratch.” Nathaniel took the flashlight from her and shined it onto her wound. “I think it’s a little more than a scratch.” He pulled out the medical kit he had brought along and opened it. He poured tree sap over it. Olivia flinched, but did not cry out. Nathaniel let it soak for a couple minutes before bandaging it.
Adrian had been tied to the chair for 8 hours. Although there was no window in the room, he knew it must be getting dark. Just then, King Richard and Irving stalked in. Irving unchained Adrian and told him to stand. He stood, but his body cramped from being a seated position for so long. His blindfold was applied, he was led down the hall and turned right. He took many different turns, so many that he couldn’t remember all of them. Finally he felt the frigid air of outside. He took a deep breath as he was led, barefooted, through the sand. His blindfold was removed, and he blinked rapidly, getting used to the sudden darkness. He was in the middle of a fenced ring. In front of him was a helicopter. He was led into it, and chained to the chair. It was only a few minutes before they arrived. He was unchained, and led into the bright red building of over 15 floors. He went up to the 11th floor and turned right. Inside everything was made of metal. His hands were chained above his head, exposing his ribs. After 3 hours of waiting, a man finally arrived. “I am The Leader. I heard you are a Ashtar?” “Apparently.” “Even better. Now, Irving and Richard, will you leave us?” Irving and King Richard glanced his way. Did Adrian spot an apology? If so than what for? He focused on the stocky man in front of him. Jet black hair. Strong build. But what really caught Adrian’s attention was the eyes. They were blue, but not a normal blue. They looked like they were glowing. Those glowing, probing eyes washed over his body, looking him over. “What do you want from me?” Adrian asked, trying to break the unending silence. “I want what you have.” This man was speaking mystery-like. “And what would that be?” “You’re powers.” “Yeah right. And how do you suppose you will get them? I don’t think I just want to give them to some stranger.” “I’m not a stranger, Adrian.” How did he know his name? “I am your father.” The man in front of him answered.
Olivia limped after Nathaniel and Kaden. Her leg was on fire! Earlier she had tried hopping on one foot, but not only did that tire her out more, but it was incredibly embarrassing.  They decided to stop early that night, so that Olivia could rest her leg. But only later would they find out their mistake of not being on guard.
Adrian’s eyes widened as everything came rushing back. That is why he recognized this man. “I don’t exactly know how to give my powers away.” “I do, Adrian. But it will consider of lots of pain.” “So torture.” “You could call it that.” “You would torture you’re only son? Why do you need my powers anyway?” “It helps me live another 200 years.” “So you would kill your son just so you can live longer.” It wasn’t a question. “How exactly does this work?” “You’ll see soon enough. And I have another reason for torturing you anyway.” “And what would that be?” “You’re blood is highly dangerous to humans. If your blood is spurted on a full, 100% human, they would be killed instantly. I cannot take that risk of being blamed if any of the citizens died at your hand. Arcelo?!” “Yes sir?” “Get the city ready for a ceremony.” “Yes sir.” Adrian’s father unchained him and used his powers, forcing Adrian to walk behind him. It was a feeling Adrian had never felt before. Every time he tried to stop walking, pain would shoot up his spine and into his brain. It was like searing hot water being poured into his body. He walked along behind his newfound father. They turned left into the biggest room Adrian had ever seen. It was bigger than a ball room. Although it’s size was breathtaking, the people filling its space, was even more surprising. There was a thin path that went to the back of the room where some sort of contraption sat. He and his father walked along and the narrow space was filled in behind them. The reached where the machine lay. His hands were chained above his head, and straps crisscrossed his head, holding it still. Chains crossed his ribcage and stomach and his legs. His father paced around him mumbling unique words Adrian recognized, but did not remember what they meant. When the ranting stopped, his father touched Adrian’s forehead with his thumb. As soon as he did this, Adrian’s head burst with images. His mother in his arms; his little sister, Nathaniel, and Kaden. His mind buzzed as image after image changed. Every time they changed, Adrian felt searing pain shoot through his brain and into his body. He jerked and screamed every single time. The pain seemed like it would never end. But finally, his father removed his finger from his head. Adrian laid there, panting, energy drained. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t remember. He gave into the gathering darkness as soon as he was invited.
Olivia woke up in a cell. It was dark, and her eyes had to adjust. Where was she? Where was Kaden and Nathaniel? A man came up and unlocked her cell. Her hands were tied, and she was taken into an even darker room. A lamp was turned on, and she cringed at the bright light. She was strapped to the table, directly under the lamp. A man in a white coat arrived a couple minutes later, and he gave her an injection of some kind. Her whole body went numb, and she lost all bodily function.
Nathaniel awoke, his hands chained above his head. A man in a white coat was kneeling before him, making a drink of some kind. “Drink this.” Nathaniel moved his head away. How crazy was this man if he thought any man in his right mind would drink something from a total stranger? “Skrafty. I need help.” A muscled man came in. “Yes?” “He won’t drink it.” Skrafty stalked towards Nathaniel and held his head against the wall. He squeezed Nathaniel’s jaw until he forced it open. The crazy, white coated man poured in the drink. His jaw was clamped shut until he swallowed. “What is that?” Nathaniel coughed. “You’ll see.” Soon, Nathaniel felt dizzy and his mind went numb. The crazy man came and took a blood sample from his arm. His eyes buzzed, and he lost all consciousness.
Kaden’s eyes flew open to the bright sunlight. Nathaniel and Olivia were gone!!! But he wasn’t where he used to be either. He was in an arena of some kind, chained to a boulder. People around the sidelines cheered when he stood up. Confusion clouded his face, and the speaker must of seen it because he started to explain. “You will be fighting the Strewded. Let it out!” Kaden was now even more confused. But he couldn’t think about that now. He had a monster to kill. The Strewded was a huge black, snake. It slithered up to Kaden and lifted it’s head to strike. Kaden dodged and jumped on it’s back near the neck. He used his chain and wrapped it tightly around the snake’s neck, choking it. It squirmed and slammed him against boulders surrounding the arena. But Kaden held on tightly, and killed the snake with his choke hold. The crowd around him roared and cheered. A dart whizzed past his ear and struck him in the neck. He grabbed it and yanked it out, but the damage was already done. The poison rushed throughout his bloodstream, and his mind immediately went black.
Adrian’s eyes opened revealing that he was still in the huge ballroom, attached to the machine, although all the people from the night before had left. Now that he was alone, he studied his surroundings, looking for a way of escape. He strained against the metal and leather, but his only results was scrapes and burns. Finally, a new idea popped into his head. He used his shoulders to push to leather on his chin, up towards his nose. Then, using his teeth, he chewed it until it gave way. Now that his head was free, he bent his neck to look at the chains. This was going to be a lot harder. He squeezed his muscles together trying to push himself through the hole. It was a tight fit, but he was able to get through, luckily. He stood on shaky legs, struggling to balance his weight. Then he stumbled towards the window, and looked outside onto the bright yellow sand. Outside the door was watched intently by 2 guards on duty. This would be quite a struggle. He walked down the halls, trying to remember where to turn and when. On the way he found a guard. He picked up a lamp and smashed the guards head. Then he exchanged their clothes, making himself look like a guard. When he found another guard he asked, “Where might I find the front door?” Suspicion crawled up the young man’s face, and he asked his own question. “Why are you asking?” “I am a new guard.” “Name?” “Adrian looked at the tag on his new clothes. “Stanley Gray.” “Oh I remember you! Keep going straight until you come to a 2 way turn. Go left and you will find the front door.” “Thanks.” Adrian walked on, trying to look steady on his shaky legs. On the way, he picked up a small ball. Walking silently to the door, Adrian crouched and rolled the ball right next to the 2 guards’ feet. Then something very strange and unexpected happened. The ball exploded into a flash of colors making fireworks. Gold, purple, red, and yellow. Shock filled the watching enemies’ faces, yet they couldn’t take their eyes off the colorful decorations. Although he was surprised himself, Adrian knew that if he was going to escape, this was the time to do it. He dashed through the arched doorway and fled into the night. Shouts filled the air behind him as he stumbled towards the prison gate. Inside the unguarded building, he used his keys from his clothes to unlock the cells of the prisoners. One cell after another. On his 18th cell, he saw someone he hadn’t seen in a very long time. Olivia! In the next cell was a police officer. And in the next was…….Kaden? “Kaden, what are you doing here?” “Me, Olivia, and Nathaniel were captured.” “Nathaniel?” “Tell you later. Would you me out now? Please?” Quickly, Adrian unlocked his cell and, opening the last cell door he hoped to ever see, he led the prisoners out of the building, and into the deserted Sahara desert, where all their adventures had begun. Afterwards, Adrian, and Olivia were adopted by Nathaniel, while Kaden, of course, had to go to his own house where his family waited for him. When he was 18, Adrian left Olivia and Nathaniel to have their own adventurous lives, and the rest of his life, he lived in the Irwin Wood, staying hidden in the lush, green undergrowth of Italy. He lived quietly and  safely, far away from his father. Or did he?

                                             The End

Note from the author:
This book is a made-up story. None of these things are real except that the Sahara Desert does lay in Mauritania. When I was younger, I loved to read, and I still do. I have learned many verbs and adjectives through my reading. I am also very observant. I know when the story I read had a good writer, or not so good. Although the outline of what the story is about could be amazing, the emotions and describings are not very detailed. I will keep on writing. I am 11 and a half, and my books have not been published when I write them, but I am hoping to someday publish the 4 books I have written so far. Thank you for reading my book, and I hope to someday meet the person who enjoyed reading it as I did writing it. Have a nice day!
                    -Juliet Elizabeth Crank
                          Age: 11
                      Book finished: 1-24-2017

Dangerous Blood is about a boy who has a normal life with his mother and younger sister, Olivia. But when his house catches fire, and his mother dies, his life is ruined. He is kidnapped in the midst of his burned down house, from his long lost father whom he had never met. Adrian struggles though abandonment, imprisonment, loneliness, slavery, and loss. And while he is going through these tough times, Olivia finds true friends, and learns how to cope with heat, coldness, hyenas, loss, and kidnappings that mysteriously happen every now and then. Will they be able to escape the struggles of life, or will they die by their own father’s hand? To find out read Dangerous Blood


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