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Do It For Others

February 25, 2019


    When you hurt yourself, you think you are ONLY hurting yourself. But you need to understand, when you hurt yourself, you’re destroying the life of someone else. How? My sister was suicidal. She was. She would cut herself all the time. That hurt me so bad. It changed my life, my thinking, and I started thinking about doing it to myself, because she had made me depressed.
    If you want to kill yourself, think about this. Let’s say you slice your wrists. Imagine your mother coming into the kitchen to find you on the floor, a kitchen knife in your hands, blood splattering the floor. Imagine her holding you, screaming for you to wake up. Your father comes downstairs, and for once in his life, he cries. He shakes your body, begging to God for you to be ok.
    Imagine your brother coming in from a normal day of school, and your father telling him that his little sister/brother is gone forever. Imagine your baby brother/sister grow up never knowing you. Never having any memories about you.  Or maybe your little sister is the one who found you. She grows up with PTSD, and has to go to a traumatic counselor because every night she has nightmares about the awful day.
    The question I want to ask-is it worth it? You live for the ones who love you. You live so that they can be ok. You try to be that person that helps them through rough times. Is it worth it? You have to struggle for others. You have to struggle for others to have a better, happier life than you did. You have to be a living example that everything will be ok. We have to remind ourselves that we only have to make it through one more day. Just one more.
    Then everything will be ok. Eventually, it will. I promise you. Because you can’t have the good days without the bad days.
    Life is like a heart monitor. Sometimes it goes way up. Sometimes it goes way down. Sometimes it’s in the middle. Sometimes it goes way down and stays there, beeping. But then, with a jerk, it comes back up again. Just keep your heart beating. If not for your own sake, then for others’.


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