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Californian girl, writer, sister, dancer, daughter, friend, surfer, explorer, ice cream obsessed, and only want to be a better writer, a better person.

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"Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections."


February 25, 2019


Her body was a vast, sunkissed prairie, hands of wheat reaching to the sky, waving in the wind. Her heart was a fire: alive and burning, sending sparks flying and smoke swirling. Her eyes were the crystal sky; clouds hiding within, and her lips were sugar candy. Her hair was a river that flowed evenly down her back, and her laugh was symphony of jingling bells. Her walk was a glide and her skin was snow. Her glare was sharp and her smile sunny and radiant. People gravitate towards her, followed her light as she involuntarily guided them. She gave them a light in the darkest of nights, and hope in a icy sea of despair. Her run was quiet, but much like the strong beat of a hummingbird's wing: powerful and quick. She sang like the wind and danced like the stars, beautiful golden hair twirling and spinning like an unwinding spool of thread in  the palmy breeze of her heaven. She watched the whole world around her with sparkling eyes and loved honestly, with the fire in her heart burning fiercely. She fell for those who shared the same passion, the same love for the world. But regretfully, the kind of person she sincerely longed for, were nearly impossible to find. So she laughed and ran and danced alone, singing a sweet melody only understood by herself and the bluebirds aloft the delicate branches of the blossoming cherry trees that quivered in the wind, petals falling; a storm of blush. She stood on the edge of the world, looking down, into a dark hole; a swift drop into the rush of the real, raw world. Although falling into that hole seemed like the beginning of something orderly and refined, it would be the end of her freedom, her peace, the end of herself. So she remained above it all, above the civil ways of the world, living blissfully in a world of her own.   


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