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Don’t hide away

February 25, 2019


This year, I’ve learnt not only beauty is found within, but truth as well. The dark, stinging, wonderful truth we never tell. 

I’ve learnt smiles hide sour expressions and laughter serves only to deceive tears and sobs. 

My eyes are wide open now; I know who you are. Don’t be scared. Don’t panic. Cry if you want, it’s not weak. It’s not shameful. 

It’s just the truth. 

I can take your hand and dry your tears, but would you do the same for me?

Hi everyone. I wrote this quite a while ago, but was too scared to show it to anybody. 

Nontheless, after watching Apple’s commercial ( if you haven’t watched please do, its called share your gifts) and hearing the song ‘come out and play’ of Billie Eilish, I thought what the heck and here I am. 

It’s not a poem, just me blurting of thoughts. 

I would thank you if you could give me your opinion.


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  • Rosie

    Thank you, Rayeof Sunshine! You definitely are a darling!

    7 months ago
  • RayeOfSunshine

    Its amazing how powerful such a short little work can be, thank you for sharing it.

    7 months ago