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jay says trans rights!

#N.Dialogue | Mirror Talk

February 25, 2019


    "Alright. Okay. Date soon. You can do this."
    Jay was standing in front of a mirror, staring with intent eyes, speaking to himself.
    "The person you scored is a great guy. You're gonna be fine."
    "...Great guy?" Thus began him arguing with his own reflection. "You hardly know him. You got a date with him on accident."
    "I guess."
    "You don't even look like you're dressed up for a date. You look too..casual."
"I look casual because this is a casual  date."
    "Sure, fine, whatever. But this outfit really brings out your chest, doesn't it?"
    "Nobody's totally flat. You and I both know that."
    "Ah, right, right. Do you even know who this guy is?"
    "Yeah! His name's Cinnamon Sugar."
    "You don't know if he's even worth your time."
     "Y-yeah, well...From what I saw of him, he seems real nice. A real darling! He's charming, too."
    "You described your last man as 'a real darling' too, and look what he did to you."
    "You thought he was nice. You thought he was just charming--a real blessing of a man."
"Stop it. Don't make me think about him."
    "Last time you gave love a chance, what happened? He ruined you. He's the reason you stare up in bed at night, refusing to fall asleep at the risk you may not be alone. He's the reason that when someone places a hand on your shoulder, you scrub at it 'till it bleeds just to get the feeling of that contact off of your skin. He's the reason you lock all of your doors and windows in your house, the reason you keep thinking you see movements out of the corner of your eye--the reason you stare into the mirror at your tainted, broken body, and question why you had to be so stupid; why you had to be so desperate for someone to love you, that you fell for the first man who was kind to you. You're broken, Jay, and you're unable to put yourself back together ever again, because you'll always fall back apart. No amount of love or care or playing the field is ever going to fix that. How do you know this isn't going to be the same thing? How do you know this 'Cinnamon Sugar' is even a good person? For all you know, it could be another person ready to rip your body apart from the inside and leave you dead on the curb."
    Jay fidgeted quietly, and looked up at the clock; he gasped, suddenly.
    "Ah..uh..Sugar's gonna be here any minute!" 
    "Good luck, then."
Jay stepped away from the mirror, threw on a scarf, and proceeded from his room, confident.


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  • Johanna

    I agree! It would be super interesting to see a sequel...

    about 1 year ago
  • N.

    Great balance of humor and tragedy, and I love the voices of your characters. Thanks for entering! :)
    And dear god please tell me your avatar isn't Salad Fingers.

    over 1 year ago
  • a sprig of pink

    Thanks for making me cry. I want to see this as a series-the inner voice that Jay possesses is sort of a devil's advocate.

    over 1 year ago