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This was fun XD I got it from weirdo's profile, but couldn't get the link, so go over to her page to find it!


February 25, 2019


1. Did you ever have that moment when you realized that you could've taken the easy way instead is suffering? Was your suffering worth it? 
Chemistry. The entire freaking class. I could have done Physical Science! It would have been
And believe me, it is not worth it. XD

2. What's your favorite time of day? 
Mornings! I do good writing and I love the look of the outdoors when the sun has just risen and there's still dew on the ground.

3. What's the saddest word in the English language? Why? 
That..that is an impossible question. How about "sad"? XD

4. Do you ever have that feeling you're being watched as you write your stories? 
Half the time I AM being watched hahaha I have three younger siblings who constantly try to peek over my shoulder when I'm writing, especially The Game (which they are forbidden from reading until it's in print, even if that's never XD).

5. How do you feel about the number 7? 

6. Celebrity crush-Go! 
If you've read my bio, you know XD But it's more of a "squish" (a term I'm borrowing from weirdo after looking it up haha) and it's on the list of things to do before I die to meet James McAvoy and/or Tom Holland.

7. Are aliens real? Or it's all a myth? 
I have no idea. hahaha

8. What movie was the worst display of it's book? Why? 
I would probably have to say A Wrinkle in Time, because they added and took out a LOT of stuff. There's probably another, but this was the first one of the top of my head.

9. Llamas or unicorns? 
Llamas. Llamas are adorable.

10. Name 3 things you couldn't live without-Go (besides food, water, etc) 
My ability to write half-decently
 Uh...I don't know what else XD

11. Main 4 fandoms- Go! 
I know there's tons of others, but I can't remember them. *facepalm*

12. What was your favorite question I asked? 
Heck if I know XD Probably 4 or 5.


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  • Quille

    Llamas are cool :DDD

    over 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    MARVEL!!! SHERLOCK!!! Actually, that's true. I mean, Wrinkle in Time was a decent movie anyways, and I still enjoyed it, but now that I think about it they really did change a lot of it. Oof.

    over 1 year ago