dreaming of sleeping.

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OKAY maybe I'm a bit dark


February 25, 2019


"hold me close, don't let go,
even as inky truths begin to
spill from the cobwebs upon my arms
even as dust, filth, grime begin to
seep out of my pores. 

"hold my hand, fill me up
even as the illusion melts away
and the skin sags against my cheekbones.
even when i'm no longer
beauty and grace." 

and thus, he was brought under her spell, for she was a striking siren, a patch of dry land between vicious waves. he ventured too close, and her fingernails turned into talons, talons with which she ripped out his heart and feasted upon it.

the last thing he heard were his own agonized screams.


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  • luluwrites111

    I like reading writing about modernized myths, or fractured fairy tales, and this one was amazing!! Have you read Siren Song by Margaret Atwood?

    9 months ago
  • Mary Wall

    What is the username of your account that assigns reviews? I can't find the girl I was supposed to review for. I'm thinking I got the name wrong or something.

    10 months ago