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Well, I'm male. I laugh. I know God. But more importantly for you,
I make my own music,
I code my own games,

I write my own stories--
and that's why I'm here. I have lots to say, and this is the place to say it.

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Weird Combos #BirgFriee

February 25, 2019


    There was once a dude preciously named Max. He felt left in because he couldn't run slow enough. He was overly okay with it, you could say. There was a loud problem with his curious legs, though. His shoes were often too short and they showed way too much skin, just like your girlfriend. This caused squishy music to sound from Max' bones. This annoyed his better peers, and made the worse ones amused incorrectly.

    You might be raising your hand, and that's because you want a high five, isn't it? Too bad. Instead, I will answer your illegitimate question: his "worse" peers violently used their phones. You'd see them excitedly throw their phones across the hall to get more points. They hauntingly stuck toothpicks into their phones so they looked like stick figures with a rectangular body. And you should see them tap. When they glassily tap their phones, it sends a crunchy shock wave through the room. It was uncomfortable to be there for Birg and Friee.

    Max' blue friend's name is Blue, and Max has always said that his friends name is too blue. Blue and Orange are in love, but they don't look pretty as a couple. Orange is best friends with a girl named Kit. She is on a tomato cleanse, which is colorfully dangerous because Orange is allergic to everything except her favorite fruit. NO! YOU DO NOT GET A HIGH FIVE!

    To close, I would give you a high two, but instead i want to give you a high ku:

i dont know
how to write
haikus. Oof.


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