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it's always a semicolon; i suddenly stop writing then i start again.

this is lonely

February 25, 2019


When it is dark,
this is lonely.

When it is quiet,
this is lonely.

When you're alone,
this is lonely.

You cover yourself up,
the blanket feels warm
but you're still cold.

You hug the pillow,
look at the darkness below,
Slowly being consumed
by the sadness from within.

You breathe fine,
but deep inside,
a feeling of heavy burden
blocks the oxygen.

You keep quiet,
listen to the sound of cold,
then you think.

I want to talk to someone.
This feels sad.
I want to hug somebody.
I don't want to feel lonely,

but this is lonely.

It is with you when you're alone.
It is with you when it is dark.
It is with you when it is silent.

This is lonely,
lonely as you are,
also an outcast
of the world
trying to be happy.

I am lonely.

Nice to be with you.
Are you lonely too?
Thank you, R, for introducing me to a platform where I can slowly express myself! I couldn't thank you personally, I'm sorry. But tonight feels lonely. And this poem doesn't sum up everything yet. 


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  • Johanna

    Is it okay that this is relatable?
    (this is gorgeous)

    7 months ago