this is the turning point

sold as is

February 25, 2019


this is the curtain call.
so i get ready to dress myself,
in cloaks of sin, and gowns of wrath. 
and i look directly in the mirror,
but the reflection doesn't look back at me

instead, he looks away,
places the ivory necklace 
between both of his fingertips.
and i watch him fall in love again,
each time more lucid and emotive,
but with a sense of reprehension. 

if you know my darkest flaws,
why do you stay with me?
why do you sit amongst the petals
of a dying bush 
when the admirable student is standing right in front of you.

its not me.
i don't expect it to ever be.
i don't want it to be me.
but i want layers of clothes,
and skin 
that mould me in the hour of need,
and that doesn't wrap itself
aganist layer of plastic.

so i anchor myself to the ground,
but i was too dense.
and i scratched the wooden tile again. 


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