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Poppy Water

February 25, 2019


Needles and blades shine like gold,
But hold more value to madmen like me
I’m aware of how I disturb the sane,
As faces twisted vexed is all there seems to be
Times I’m told that I lack in sagacity
Make me live as if I’ve no mortal fee

Come the days I wake up screaming in vain
And indulge in the blue mood of night
With every blinding cut I feel a ray
Damned and distressed spirit’s light
Soaking it in like cotton sitting in blood
I breathed with my nerves stiff as knights

Tattoo every vein filled with bleach
Poking dreadful holes in each dainty root
Feeling my pulsation quicken
My brain cells falling ill through a chute
And my body may as well be dismembered
There is no suavity in dancing with this liquid brute

I, as my own parasite shriek with longing
Vehemently begging for what I can’t have
Churning my brain until I get it
Trying to coat all I can with salve
I am indecisive and hypocritical
To hurt or not, I’ll tear myself in half


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