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I write when I gain inspiration. I aspire to be a published poet someday.

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I'd like to know how well this relates to the theme of Metamorphosis.

The Deep Night's Silence

February 25, 2019


Picture this:
mountain-ringed scenery
and a deep blue ceiling
hiding its endless ex-
panse behind a green screen.
Romanticism’s wild
flowers blooming against
the biting
In this picture I am
utterly and complete-
ly blown away by its
beauty; a stillness that

(But if I dig-
if i dig deeper
I will find your
world’s decay, hidden
deep under the
surface on which I lie;
this I fear is reali-

Though I have looked upon
a Neo-Classicist pain-
ter’s battlefield wrecked with
emotion, an irony
that lingers but does not
humour its sad state
nor its poor, bleak fate.

Picture this:
perhaps I can escape
Fate’s elevated eye.
Hide behind the rocks
and wait for Time to sigh.


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