A Breath Into Silence

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I've been planning to start publishing the story I referenced in this piece. Would anybody be interested in reading it?

[Subject: Norse gods, modern world, and learning what it is to be family]


February 24, 2019


There's a place where I belong,
where the skies are golden and blushing and

the sun is just dipping below the horizon and

the stars are just peering out from beyond the atmosphere
to see if it's time to come and dance


I can never seem to reach it,
as hard as I try,
so a long time ago I settled for a small little corner with
the blanket made by my former friend
where I lose myself in a small black keyboard and

I learn to craft words that stand as replacements
for the worlds I lose sight of when I wake up
to face the unforgiving light of the sunrise and

those stories that dissolve like the rain
on the sidewalks slowly come to life again


soon enough, those worlds
will form a horizon where the sun sinks down
to allow the moon it's turn and

when it's time I will finally be able
to show you my stories and

then there will be a place
where I belong and

I will know where it is, so finally
together we will all take our first steps
onto the world that I call "home"


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  • symphonyrain0812

    This concept is simply stunning!

    10 months ago
  • asteria

    oh wow, this is beautiful.
    i love how the poem is just one run on sentence connected by "and." really makes your work seem like a single train of thought :)

    10 months ago