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February 24, 2019



Didn't know I was capable of
Expressing such a big emotion
I cannot tell it to you though
You can call me a coward
But how can I tell you
When we didn't speak at all.
I am not some creep who follows
I want to believe that it is the universe
Wants us to cross each other’s road
But I don't think we are that strong
I saw the way you shake your feet
I know you have to change your sight
I notice that you have a nervous voice
I don't think you even notice me
And here I am interpreting your moves
Can you believe I wrote you a poem
You are not even gonna know about
Don't worry, it is not that I am in love
This is how I get rid of a thought.


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1 Comment
  • Johanna

    This. Is. So. TRUE!!!

    11 months ago