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Do you like what you are reading? Let me know, I am anxious about what I put out there.


February 24, 2019


i don't understand
what you want,
what you need,
nor what you are.
Tried to figure it out
my whole life
but i always end up
under the start sign.

You never liked me,
you never cared for me,
you never listened to me,
then you said what it is not about me,
nothing personal.
I am just a cry baby,
an attention seeker.
It could never be about me.

I tried to help you, more than once
but your walls
were too strong,
you pride and words
were hurtful to be around.
So i ran, 
you didn't like that
my attention was too important to lose.
So you shouted,
you yelled,
Called me a coward,
attention seeker,
drama queen. 

I try and try and try but
i am out of tries.
And you can call me a quitter
but at least i know
what i want
what i need
and what i am
unlike you.
heyyy this time i tried some way different to write. I mean it is still full of angst poems but i never wrote a poem in this style. I do not know if it is good. I just had a fight with my sister, like everytime we do and i always think that it is because no one in this goddamn house is listening me -even though how many times i repeat myself. I just feel like I am done trying for today. Anyways, enough about that! I hope you liked it.


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