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hello, I'm Paris! I have a lot to say, and that certainly comes out in my writing, my work, comment, review, speak!

Message to Readers

I've been experimenting with poems for a little while now, and this is the latest product! I'd much appreciate any comments you can give me. Thanks for reading!

i am her

February 24, 2019


a little girl sits, awaiting her birthday
it's pink and it's wonderful; a fairy-land in cake
she's holding a magician's rabbit: she doesn't know what to say!
i am her

a young girl is in a library with her friends
reading a book, she hopes the story never ends
"what will I do when I finish the series?"
the young girl's friends are full of theories
i am her

she's older now, but only a bit 
toes pointed, she knows (though only ten),
she'll never entirely quit 
the thrill of performance; it's pretty lit
i am her

she's in a very new place
either her skirt's too big, or she's too small
glasses wonky, yep, all in all,
she's a little bit of chaos
i am her

she's lots of things
her pink phase may be finished
but she's very much a reader; books, her wings
her spontaneous handstands never diminished 
and she's chaotic and disorganized and kind of crazy, and
i am her, but she is also me
[I apologise for the use of 'lit' in stanza three.] 


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  • ParisInFrance

    Oh thank you! I very much appreciate your thoughts :)

    6 months ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    awesome work <3 I love how you can reflect on yourself in the past and present :)

    7 months ago