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Message to Readers

This is the beginning of a short novel that I've been writing with a dear friend of mine. I'd love advice on editing and structure, or ideas you have for continuation. All is appreciated and thanked for!

A Guy Can Dream

February 29, 2016


I walked down the hallways of school, backpack around shoulders and hands pulling at the bottom of my putrid yellow sweater - A 'loved' present from my dearest grandparents. I had never realised how loud my sneakers squeaked on the floors till the halls were at peace for once. I opened my locker with the tradition 02-20-22 combo and began to file up for the first lessons.
"Good morning, Peter," I heard a familiar voice greet me.
"Good morning, Melony."
"Halls sure are quiet this morning!"
"Yep, just me," I exclaimed.
"There seems to be someone over there but anyways, see you later!"
I failed to replay due to my absolute confusion. I was sure that I was the only one in there but was corrected when I turned to far down the hallway. In the distance, was a dark figure leaned up against the locker as if he was a one man gang. As I squinted to enhance the figure's physical details, I heard the chatter of peers and the doors were pushed open bringing the noise that disguised the squeaking of my sneakers. The light came through the now opened doors, revealing the figure's true physical details. And oh my goodness.
I stumbled into AMC (Advanced Mathematics Class), mind boggled with what my eyes had just seen. For majority of the teenage, male population this situation would be quite different. He'd be leaned up against his locker after some sort of sporting practice, see some cheer leader in the hallway, and be high-fiving his mates 5 minutes later in his EMC (Essential Mathematics Class). Fortunately, I am not below average in Maths and I'm not interested overbearing pep with pom-poms. This was serious. This dark figure could've just been who I was supposed to end up with. But it would be just my luck that he was eyeballing Melony and I would be hearing about him and their 3 talented prodigies till the day I die. That's just how the world works, the good ones are always straight. But I guy can dream, right? 


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