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Hi! I'm Izzy. I love am a hyper, Christian, unicorn-loving, homeschooled, 14yo girl. I love graphic design, drawing, photography, writing and own my own business called I am also a HUGE advocate against human trafficking.

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Your sitting in your bedroom. You look around and sigh uncomfortably. You have nothing to do. Your phone is dead, your friends are doing homework and your parents are out of town. Then you get an idea, one that is so smart, you almost scream for joy. You jump out of bed, grab your laptop, pull up and WRITE!

Confessions of Noa Oscar-Part II

February 22, 2019


   That night was a mixture of pain. It was balmy, and it caused me to sweat more than was my usual. I had nightmares throughout the night. 
   "Noa?" A little voice would say. "I need a hug." I would whip around to give the small girl a hug. I would run towards her. But the faster I ran, the farther away she would become. She went from being a normal sized human to being as small as a freckle. Then she would disappear altogether. The room we had been in would become dark and eerie. The lights were low, and the only comfort was the bed in the corner. I would curl up into a tight ball and weep. Someone would set their soft hand on my shoulder, and my foolish brain and I would think it was the young girl. I would look up, but it wasn't her. It wasn't the young girl I so badly wanted back, it was an older one. One I didn't want to see---and I would die before I ever consented.
   The dream was a normal occurrence, as much as I wish my imagination had never thought it up. But, maybe it hadn't. Maybe it was just a twisted version of the reality. The one that haunted me every night. I tried to forget, to let my eyes close and the peace called sleep to overwhelm my body. But instead, tears broke through my eyelids. A whimper escaped my mouth, and through the blurriness, I looked around. I hoped no one heard my cry. There was no one to listen though, because I was alone. The only other living soul in the apartment was the practically-dead cat, Ferdinand. I don't exactly know where Aunt Ava was at this moment in time, but I never did. She was always out somewhere, she was a soccer mom I guess. I glanced at my old, soon-to-be-broken clock, and saw it was well after 5am. Aunt Ava usually went to the gym this early at the morning, which puzzled me. I was always one to sleep in. Sleep was the one place, even if only for short periods here and there, that I could rest. I could just try and not think about anything, not about life, not about the past, not about the terrifying future, not about Camellia. I shoved the pillow on my face. Not dear Camellia. My body trembeled. 

If that idiotic sister of mine had just taken Camellia to the doctor.

Than Camellia would be alive.


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