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Tumbling Into the Abyss

February 27, 2015



There are high points and low points in life that shape moments that define us as people. For every positive experience there are thousands of insecurities and fears waiting in the dark to lure you.

Some people are lucky enough to fight through these times and only bear minor scars to show for it. Others allow the fear to grow and spread like a disease. Clouding their vision of the world and distorting their thoughts.

Fear becomes all that they know as they are pulled deeper into an inescapable abyss. Pain takes hold and renders them powerless in their attempt to think past the negatives.

They spiral into a dark and corrupted state of mind. They begin to feel like a ticking bomb, waiting for their world to implode and bring an end to their misfortune and misery.

All they can see is the depths of this never ending abyss. Burnt into their souls where clarity is unfathomable and nothingness is all they can see. A personal hell.

The girl stood on the windowsill. Looking out onto the moonlit world below her. She had tried everything to escape the abyss and pull herself free of its tight grasp. She had lost hope.

Holding the ledge tightly she closed her eyes and leapt.

She was tumbling and for that one moment all her worries left her, she could fly.


This story was inspired by an image that I came across the other day.


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