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Dear Forgotten Guitar

By: symphonyrain0812

PROMPT: Love in Words

I sit haphazardly cross-legged on my bed, 
arm strewn lazily over the curve of your wooden body,
fingers carelessly stroking your rusting strings,
as I hum along to a song I am just about to create.

With each careful application of pressure on your frets,
a bass line slowly blossoms and rumbles.
With each scratch as my hovering hand glides up and down,
a melody slowly grows and echos.

For you, my dear guitar, are a gateway to magic,
with each alternating strum and natural slap of your strings,
I find my own rhythm and my fingers begin to dance of their own accord
years of practice creating an effortless melody.

Message to Readers

Random and slightly careless: just like my guitar-playing. Tell me how to improve this piece!

Peer Review

The usage of letters is beautifully formatted. What you did here couldn't be written in an essay form. It's full of character and motivated me to pick up my guitar again.

If you want to know what you can improve on maybe describe the look of your guitar, or when you mentioned humming a tune of " a song I am just about to create," what song?

Reviewer Comments

I love love love the words you use! You're a beautiful writer!