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Kathryn Langston

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Broken Heart

February 21, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Piercing through my body, I could feel the pain everywhere. I was frozen, I felt like I was in ice. I couldn't stop the pain, I was paralyzed. All I did was cry, no one could help, no one stopped him. No one did anything but stand there while I cried.  I dropped to the floor, my heart hurt, a million pieces to pick up and put back together. Shattered by just one word. My heart was a flower and someone came in, made the flower happy and then crushed it into a million pieces. Everything was going well it was like heaven and next thing I know I'm in hell, nothing is going my way, nothing went how I wanted it to, and everyone was just staring at me while it happened. Tears were rushing out of my eyes, I was in a  river full of tears. My heart hurt so bad, I could feel the pain in my chest, I couldn't do anything about it, there was no hope left. My heart was in a million different pieces that were scattered everywhere, and everyone around me saw it. People keep telling me to follow my heart but my hearts in a million piece so which piece do I follow. There was no way I could put all of these pieces back together, I couldn't deal with the pain, at that moment I just wanted to die. If the person I loved didn't love me why would anyone else love me? If the person who I thought I was gonna be with forever left me why would anyone stay in my life? I couldn't deal with it anymore every time I tried to pick up the pieces it felt like they fell through my hands, it felt like my hands weren't really there, the pieces would just go right through my hand. Some of the pieces I couldn't even see, it feels like there is a huge hole in my chest, my chest just feels empty.  There was nothing left, he left and he took my heart and happiness with him. I felt as if I was in a black hole and I could never get out of the darkness and the hatred. At that moment I was done I left the earth with nothing, I left life behind because the person I loved left me. After he left there was nothing left for me since he left I felt like everyone would leave and I couldn't go through that so I took my life before everyone could leave.
I dont know if the flower should be blooming or happy. If you have any suggestions please tell me.


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1 Comment
  • Quille

    Ooh!! I love all the metaphors here and this is so gorgeous!!! :DD

    8 months ago