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A few answers for a few questions. Iwannaanswermore--

Ace's V Late Q&A

February 21, 2019


So,,, like 5 months ago I asked for questions from you guys so I could answer them, but then I decided not to go through with it since I only received seven or so questions. But,,, I wanna answer them now. And seven is a good number. So. Here are my answers. 

Who are your WTW idols?
LackingASocialLife is my biggest WtW idol. Sadly, she is no longer here with us and has moved on to bigger things, but I hope she sees great success in her future. 
Your Local Flynn is really cool. Perhaps more of a platonic crush than an idol. I want to be his friend so bad, lmao.
Those two probably have the biggest impact on me. I light up whenever I receive a like or comment from one of them. 

When did you start writing?
I can't really say. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Maybe since I was four or five? As a tiny Ace, I would write small, grammatically incorrect stories and draw horrid pictures for them, then present them to my teachers and parents. I now love how proud I used to be because confidence doesn't come as easy anymore. 
As for writing with the intention of being published and recognized, I'd say I've been doing that since fifth or sixth grade. 

What are your favorite bands/musical artists?
My all-time favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer. I used to be really self-conscious of liking them, because everyone I knew gave me trash about it. But now my babies are more popular and I couldn't be more proud. For anyone who says they hate 5sos, I can bet you've bopped to Youngblood at least once without realizing it's by them. 
My favorite solo artist has always been Taylor Swift. I've said this before, but she was the very first artist aside from Kidz Bop that I had listened to. Love Story changed my life when I was only, like, three or four, and I can guarantee I would not be who I am without her. I've been a proud Swiftie for thirteen years and counting. 
Apart from those gems, I really like Halsey (I relate to her so much I don't know what to think), Panic! at the Disco (I use Death of a Bachelor to practice my vocal range), Set it Off, and for my Hispanic side, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and Maluma. Definitely not a fan of Cardi B. Don't @ me.

What are your favorite songs?
Ghost of You and Rejects by 5 Seconds of Summer. Also Outer Space/Carry On. Anything from their Youngblood album is a bop, I'm sorry.
Long Live by Taylor Swift. Hhh.
I'm Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha. Such a freaking relatable song, it hurts.
You know what's an even more relatable song? Sorry by Halsey.
Stay by Post Malone.
It hurts to choose, I love so many songs so much I-

A book everyone else likes but you don’t?
To Kill a Mockingbird - Why does everyone love this book so much? I mean I don't hate it with a burning passion, and it was okay to read, but it's really kinda lame. I only slightly liked it because of Boo.
Everything, Everything - I just... don't see the interest in this. Maybe because it's rather anticlimactic in my mind? Maybe because it's unrealistic? Perhaps we'll never know.
Dracula - Okay. Not everyone loves this book, I know. A lot of people in my classes disliked it too. But I just- it's so slow, why would you torture yourself like that?
Oh wait this was only supposed to be one book-

Favorite season?
Winter! I much prefer the cold over the hot. Bees don't come. Snow days. White. All those dying leaves are finally at rest. It's a little dark but, everything is just dead and still, and I think that's really nice and calming in my own weird way. Also- the smell of snow. 

Moral dilemma: Either you have to get an unremovable giant face tattoo that you will keep for life of the logo of a boy band that you don't particularly like, or each member will die spontaneously (no one would ever know it was because of you). What do you choose?
Everyone knows I wish no ill will on anyone, even if I hate them more than I hate myself. But I'm not about to parade around with a giant logo from Big Time Rush or The Vamps tattooed on my back. I highly doubt someone who didn't particularly like my band would get a tattoo of our logo on their back, lolol. I'd probably get the tattoo if only it didn't have to be giant.
Also. If no one knows it's my fault, would I know?
If I did know, would I be able to forget?
Ack. I'm not very good with "what would you do" situations. I don't know what I'd do. That's the future. I'm already too worried about the present to think about that. I can say what I'd like to do, but that's not always possible.I can say I'd like to have the band stay alive in spite of me not getting a tattoo, but no. 

This was so fun! I kinda hate that I postponed it for so long. I wanna do it again, haha. Ask me more questions @_@ I'll likely end up answering nearly anything you throw at me. 


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  • Calling4Rain

    I must say, I LOVE your music taste.

    over 1 year ago
  • Doktor Habit

    IF YOU WANNA BE MY FRIEND!! hmu on discord!! or if you have anything else maybe tell me?? i got tumblr and deviantart you seem really cool and i'd like to get to know you ;0!!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Kahasai

    I had a Q&A (well, the Q part) in late summer and I still haven't gotten to it. XD Oops. Anyhow, nice answers.

    almost 2 years ago