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even the medic couldn't fix his own broken heart (FRIEND)

By: Christy Wisdom


For your sake I would fight
like you did for me

Right until my very last breath
you're going to take yours soon,
aren't you?

I don't know what I'd do without you 
but i'm forced to find out

Even all my efforts can't save you now, though
i know it's too late- 
i'm a medic, after all,
i should be used to 
bitter irony and 
tortured weeping

No, it's too painful to bear- you can't die, not now-
my chest is tight
sobs rising in my throat

Don't go, please don't leave me here alone-
the line went flat
you're dead, friend-
and so's my heart.


Peer Review

Th writing style was unexpected along with the vocabulary.

Nothing. Your writing was very vivid and unique.

Reviewer Comments

Your writing is out of this world!