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Just to remind anyone reading this, Cally is young, I didn't edit this before publishing it, since I wrote it a while ago. She is somewhere between 6 and 8.

Home for Mom, Home for Me

February 22, 2019


    Cally stared out the window as they drove through the large expanse of grass and hills. That was all she could see for as far as she looked, and she liked it. She let out a small sigh and pressed her forehead and hands against the window.
    "Patty, I don't like this. Can we please go home?" Cally heard her cousin Georgie wine.
    "You promised this would be fun!" Georgie's sister Britney added. "This is nothing like New York! I can't see anything besides these stupid hills!"
    Their mom turned around and gave them both hard stares. "If we go back to New York we'll be living on the streets. Our house is now ashes thanks to that fire and the only things we have left is a little bit of money and your grandparents house!" Patty exclaimed. (Patty was what everyone called her, even her children.)
    "Sorry Patty," Georgie and Britney mumbled, both looking down at their hands. Patty let out a small sigh and turned back around.
    New York was a sore subject for them because when they had lived there a gas pipe had leaked and caught fire in their basement while the children were at school and Patty at work. By the time they came home there house was in ashes and the firemen had left. They didn't have insurance to cover it, and temporarily moved into Georgie's friends house.
    Then, three days later they got a call from one of Patty's two sisters, Morgan, who had told them that their parents had died. Morgan had heard about the fire and recommended that Patty move her children and niece into the house.
    So that's what they were doing now. They were in Pennsylvania heading to the three children's grandparents house. It was the house that Patty, Morgan, and their third sister, Linda had grown up in.
    Linda was Cally's mom but had died from cancer seven years before, when Cally was four. Patty took Cally in and Cally was still living with her.
    Several hours later they pulled up in front of a small, two floor white house with pale blue trimmings and a small front porch. They go out and walked up the stone pathway.
    Cally looked at the small house and loved it immediately. There was nothing that she could see everywhere she looked except for the house and she liked that. She took a deep breath in and walked towards the house.
    The house had a small porch with a swing which Georgie jumped onto and rocked back and forth. "Woo hoo!" he shouted loudly.
    "Careful Georgie," Patty advised him as she pulled out a key and unlocked the door. She tentatively stepped through the door.
    The children followed her into a small living room that held a faded yellow couch and two armchairs. Big windows were placed all around the room to let in as much light as possible.
    Next to the living room was the kitchen which was also small, but welcoming. There was a big table on one side with five chairs and on the other side there were lots of cabinets and draws as well as an old oven, stove, and sink. Above part of the counter there was a big open window that opened into the living room, allowing them to see into it.
    Patty then led them out of the kitchen and down a short hallway which had four doors. She pointed to the first door on the left. "That was Morgan's room. But now it's Georgie's. I'm sorry if it is a little girlish, but remember that three girls lived in this house," Patty motioned towards the door and Georgie entered.
    "A little girlish?" Georgie said in disgust, turning around to look at Patty. The room had light blue walls but were covered in paintings of different types of flowers. On one side of the room sat a white bed with pink bed sheets that also had pictures of flowers. There was also a pink dresser and desk.
    Brittany snickered and Patty pointed to a door on the right side. "That's the bathroom," she said as she continued down the hall.
    They came to another door on the right side and Patty pointed it out as Brittany's room. The room was the same size as Georgie's but had pink walls instead of blue. The walls were just pink though, and didn't have any drawing on them. The bed was white and had a plain pink and white sheets. There was also a white dresser and desk.
    "This was my room when I was a kid," Patty told Brittany.
    "It's very nice," Brittany said politely, although it was clear she disliked it. She favored darker colors and hated it.
    "Go grab your things," Patty told her and Brittany ran to get them. "That one's yours," she added once brittany had left, pointing the last door on the right side. Then Patty turned around and left.
    Cally walked to the door and opened it, taking a step into the room. It was slightly bigger than the other two, and was a soft yellow. On the wall were pictures of the meadow, its swaying grasses, its flowers, and a few animals such as bunnies and foxes. Cally walked over and ran her hand along the wall.
    There was also a white bed on the left wall that had a plain yellow sheets. A white dresser and desk sat on the other walls. On two of the walls there were big windows that led light into the room. One was over the bed and the other over the desk. Both had thick yellow curtains that were embroidered with flowers and small animals.
    Cally walked over to one of the windows and opened it, letting in the warm spring air. Outside she could see a big meadow and on one side a small patch of trees.
    "Lunch!" Cally heard Patty calling. Cally turned around and walked towards the kitchen where she saw Patty making sandwiches for the four of them with the food they had brought.
    Once they had eaten their lunch, Patty made them sit at the table. "Tomorrow you kids have school," she informed them, and got groans from both Georgie and Brittany. She gave them both glares and continued. "The school bus will come at seven fifteen for you. All you have to do is wait by the road and it will come by and pick you up."
    "You are now free to do as you wish, just be back by seven for dinner. I got you all watches so that we can start a schedule, like my parents had when I was a child. Breakfast is at seven everyday, lunch when you are not at school is twelve thirty, and dinner is at seven. Got that?"
    The children nodded and got up to leave. Patty handed them all watches. "Keep track of the time," she told them.
    They all slid the watches on and Georgie and Brittany went to their rooms, probably to unpack. Cally looked up at Patty. "Can I go outside?" Cally asked her.
    Patty gave her a warm smile. "Go explore. You know when my sisters and I were kids, we would spend hours every day outside. Eventually Morgan and I had other things on our minds, but Linda would still play outside, disappearing for hours." Patty got a far away look in her eyes, but then shook her head. "Go. I'm just going to clean up this place and you'd probably rather be outside."
    Cally walked over to the back door, which was in the kitchen and walked out of it onto the back porch. The air was still warm, around sixty degrees, and Cally could tell that the summer would be hot.
    She walked off of the porch which held a table with several chairs and entered the meadow.
    The meadow was full of dark green grass which would change when summer came, when it would become lighter. There were a couple of wild flowers already sprouting in the grass and soon there would be more. Cally started by wandering over to each and studying them carefully. She walked through the grass slowly, studying it.
    It probably wouldn't have seemed very exciting to most people, but Cally enjoyed it. Before she knew it the time was six thirty and she started to walk back to the house.
    After a dinner of sandwiches since they didn't have anything else, they all went to bed to rest for school tomorrow.
    Early the next morning the children awoke to the sound of Patty's voice. "GET UP KIDS! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL! YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!" she screamed through the house.
    Five minutes later Georgie and Brittany came out groaning. They walked into the kitchen to find Cally and Patty already eating their breakfast. Cally finished hers and put the bowl in the dishwasher.
    "Ready for school?" Patty asked her. Cally just nodded her head and walked over to load up her backpack.
    The bus came right to their house just as Patty had predicted, and they all hopped on. It turned out to be nearly empty, save five kids.
    Brittany sat down by herself, but a kid called to Georgie. "Sit next to me dude!" the kid called. Georgie grinned and plopped down next to him.
    Cally just walked down the aisle until she reached an empty seat before sitting down.
    There were several more stops in front of houses where only a couple of kids got on. At one of the stops a girl got on and walked towards Cally. Even though there were lots of empty seats, she sat next to Cally.
    "Hi, I'm Nixie," the girl said. She had dark brown hair and tanned skin, which was the opposite of Cally. Cally had blonde hair and pale skin.
    "I'm Cally," she said softly.
    "Nice to meet you Cally," Nixie replied, sticking out her hand. Cally tentatively shook hands with Nixie.
    "Nice to meet you too."
    "Do ya just repeat words or can you actually come up with your own?" Nixie asked Cally. She was met with a confused look from her. "I mean that when I said 'I'm Nixie' you said 'I'm Cally' which is very similar and when I said 'Nice to meet you Cally' you just said 'Nice to meet you too.'"
    Cally let out a little giggle. "I can say my own words, yes. I talk but I just don't talk that often….can we be friends? I've never really had a friend."
    "Of course!" Nixie said happily. "What teacher do you have?"
    "Ms. Rosebud," Cally said.
    "Just kidding! You look like you're about eleven, so my age and for sixth graders there's only one class, like all the other grades."
    "Oh," Cally said.
    "You're gonna love Ms. Rosebud! She's the best!" Nixie added excitedly. "And now we're here!"
    The bus had just pulled in front of the school and the kids started to get out. "Follow me," Nixie told Cally as she grabbed her hand and yanked her off the bus.
    The school was small, even though it was a combination of the elementary and middle schools. Inside Nixie led Cally down a hallway until they reached an open door. "Welcome to Ms. Rosebud's sixth grade class!"
    The classroom only had four kids in it at the moment, as well as twelve desks in three groups of four. On the left side of where they had entered there was a row of cubbies and on the far side of the small room was the teacher's desk.
    "Hello. You must be Cally!" a tall woman with dark brown hair said. "I'm Ms. Rosebud."
    "Hi Ms. Rosebud," Cally replied.
    "I see you've met Nixie. You can put your things in cubby four and you can sit next to Nixie and she'll show you how we do things."
    Cally walked over to cubby four and put her backpack in it. "I'm in cubby five so I'm right next to you!" Nixie said.
    "Why do we have cubbies? Isn't this sixth grade? Where are the lockers?" Cally asked Nixie, who just bobbed her head up and down.
    "We're staying in the same classroom so it made more sense for them to put in cubbies. All the grades have them. Ours are just bigger than the kindergarteners." she replied with a little giggle.
    Soon school had started. Nixie and Cally sat next to eat other across from a boy.
    "I'm Nathan," he told Cally happily, shaking hands with her.
    The class passed quickly and Cally got to know Nixie and Nathan a lot. During lunch the class sat together. Cally, Nixie, and Nathan all sat next to each other and talked. Nathan began to be a little more talkative.
    After lunch they went outside. Nathan ran right to the monkey bars, with Nixie and Cally following.
    By the end of the day when Nixie, Cally, and Nathan, who rode their bus where on the way home, Cally felt like she had known them her entire life. They were her first friends and she felt like she fit in with them.
    When she got home she ran inside and found Patty sitting at the table in front of her computer. "Good afternoon Cally. Are you going to play outside?"
    Cally nodded. "Just be back by dinner," Patty added as Cally glanced down at her watch. Her school days were very short, and school ended at one o'clock. That left her six hours of free time.
    She ran outside into the meadow, and then continued running. As she ran she surprised birds which leapt into the air and flew away. Finally she reached her destination, the woods.
    She was not used to big amounts of trees, having spent a good amount of her life in New York. Before that she had lived with her parents in Tennessee, in a small town. There hadn't been woods there either, just a bunch of fields where people farmed.
    So seeing the woods she got excited and slowed her pace. She walked into them, breathing in the new smell. Birds fluttered in the trees which were just starting to grow green leaves.
    Cally stopped suddenly, seeing something. She was now fully surrounded by trees, but saw something interesting. It was a small wooden hut leaning against a tree. Even though it was worn down and not much was left of it, it was still beautiful to Cally.
    She saw that it was made of big sticks, which had been put into the ground and pointed upward in a ring except for a small opening in which was the doorway. For a roof a bunch of sticks were lined up and tied together and to the structure. Above the doorway there was also a small wooden sign that read "Secret Fort."
    Carefully Cally walked inside. It was big enough for her to stand up in but wouldn't fit someone that was too much bigger than her. The inside also looked like it needed some care, probably not having been used for many years.
    On the ground there was a small carpet that fit the hut perfectly, but Cally couldn't tell the design on it because of all the dirt. To her left there was a small table and three chairs, meant for children. They were also very dirty but looked like they could still be used.
    To the right there was a chest that when opened had a ton of things in it. There were play clothes, a flashlight, a couple of buckets, and a few books.
    Cally slowly closed the chest. The hut was very interesting and Cally knew that it needed a lot of work. She was willing to do this work, knowing that it wouldn't be done by itself.
    She started with the outside by getting a few big sticks and patching up the sides. Then she added in smaller sticks in the gaps. She found a bunch of loose string on a tree branch and used it to tie some things together. Finally she added pine needles and dirt to keep the sticks together. Cally stepped back and admired her work, then looked up at the sky. It was starting to get late and a quick check with her watch told her it was already four o'clock.
    Cally then wandered around the woods with one of the bigger buckets in hand, hoping to find stream. Not far from the hut she found a small stream but decided it would be perfect.
    Dipping the bucket in the stream she filled it up and lifted to find that it was too heavy. She then dumped out half the water and carried it back to the hut.
    Cally found that she was suddenly really thirsty, but knew she couldn't drink the water. She weighed whether or not to get some from the house, and finally started to walk back.
    "Thirsty?" Patty asked as Cally entered. She nodded and handed Cally a cup. After a couple of minutes Cally started to talk.
    "I found a small hut and I'm fixing it up. I was wondering if I could have some water purifier so that I can drink the water from the stream.
    Patty nodded again. "That was our hut when we were children," she said with that far away look in her eyes. "I'm glad you're using it though. Here." Patty finished handing Cally a small container of purifier drops and a couple of towels for washing and dusting.
    "Thanks," Cally said as she ran outside, back to the woods and the hut. When she reached it she put the purifier on the table and grabbed one of the chairs. She took it outside and dusted it down with one of the cloths, then wiping it with another cloth and some water. She did this with all of the chairs and soon was attempting to drag out the table but it was too heavy.
    She glanced at her watch and realized that it was already six fifty and it was almost dinner. Leaving the chairs outside since it wasn't going to rain, she sprinted back to the house.
    After dinner which was sandwiches again, they all sat down on the couch to relax. "Tomorrow I will go shopping for more food," Patty said aloud. "I know you guys don't like the sandwiches."
    "Duh," Brittany said as she rolled her eyes. "I hate it here," she added. "There's nothing to do!"
    "Ya," Georgie added. "There's no phone service here either."
    Patty let out a quick laugh. "Have you been outside yet? You could play with Cally in the woods in the play hut. That would be fun, wouldn't it?"
    "I think we have different ideas of fun," Brittany protested.
    "Do you want to have friends over than? Would that make you happy?" Patty asked, still trying to please her children.
    Brittany and Georgie both perked up. "Ya! Ya! I wanna have Carter over!" Georgie shouted.
    "Can I invite Mellanie too?" Brittany shouted.
    Can I have Nixie and and Nathan come over?" Cally said. Brittany and Georgie looked at her surprised.
    "You made a friend?" Georgie asked with disbelief.


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