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" We don't meet people by accident. Everyone is meant to cross our paths for a reason."

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This is a piece that I wrote for fun, and I don't think I am going to continue writing it. If it gets 5 or more likes though then I will keep writing it though, or if it gets 3 comments.

Whatever it Takes to Get Home

February 22, 2019


    My story starts in the country of Etten. Etten is a beautiful place to live with many fields and plains and tons of hills. It is surrounded by mountains making it isolated from the other country's in Terdoun. It is also the place that, somewhere near the mountains that separate Veridon form Etten, there is a small farmhouse. That farmhouse is where I grew up.
    For me, Etten was paradise. Being out in the open is great. Plenty of space to run around and be free, to be a kid. Mountains to run up, lakes to swim in. There was no end to what could be done. Georgia and I discovered this since we grew up in Etten. We could spend an entire day just running around playing tag or tackling each other. Sometimes, on hot days we went on hikes to Greffon Lake where we swam and splashed around for hours. Once or twice a month dad would take us camping in the mountains where we would camp for a few days.
    When I lived in Etten it seemed like there was no time, like no other place existed except for Etten, like the rest of the world had disappeared. But I should have known that it couldn't have lasted forever. That it would have to end at some point. What I call the end of Etten happened towards the end of the summer on a night like any other. Georgia and I were laying out in the fields watching the sunset when we heard a sound the mix of a lion and a bird. I knew immediately that it was Iguma, my griffon. I stood up and saw her flying towards me at full speed. She looked as graceful as she did when I first met her at Greffen Lake. She was the reason that Greffon Lake is called what it is. When my dad first took me there, I spotted a griffon and shouted out "Greffon." I was only two, and mispronounced the word, but dad made a joke of it and named the lake Greffon Lake. A weeks later we went back to the lake and I saw the griffon again and followed it. I watched it go into a cave, and before dad could stop me, I ran inside the cave. He found me curled up inside the cave against the griffon, who I later named Iguma since it seemed to fit the griffon. Every since then Iguma and I have had a special connection. Anyway, as I saw Iguma flying towards me, I quickly leaped to the right so that she didn't crash into me, although I knew she would never do that. She landed and bent down, her way of telling me to get onto her back, but I didn't know why. It was getting dark and I had only flown during the night once, but I asked Iguma to take me, she didn't ask me to take her.
    So right then I knew something was wrong. I looked over at Georgia and she asked if I was going to get on. I didn't know what to do so I just shrugged. I glanced around, and not seeing anything wrong, I thought that maybe I was wrong. All Iguma wanted was to go for a sunset ride amongst the clouds. Then I heard it. Distant at first but then getting louder. Horses. Hundreds of them. And shouting. Lots of shouting. A few gunshots rang through the air. I looked at Georgia seeing her eyes growing in size. Quickly I hoisted Georgia up onto Iguma and jumped on behind her. I pointed to our house and Iguma lifted off into the air and went towards the house. Two minutes later we were running inside the house to warn dad. After finding dad we took him outside. The noises were getting louder. They were getting closer.
    Dad helped Georgia and I onto Iguma. I slid forward and motioned for him to get on but he shook his head. I knew there wasn't enough room but he had to come with us. We couldn't leave him. But I knew how much he loved Etten. I knew he would never leave his country, but he had to come. I insisted he did, but he refused. "Go to Cuja," he said. "Find Aunt Clara and Uncle Sam. They will take you in." He motioned for Iguma to leave.
    "No!" Georgia and I screamed as Iguma lifted into the air. "Turn back, Iguma, turn back. You can't leave dad behind," Iguma refused to listen. I broke out into tears and couldn't stop. I looked back at the tiny little farmhouse I had spent my life in. I saw dad retreating inside the house. I knew that soon they would reach the house. Dad had told me about them. He said that they had come once before when he was a kid, but back then Etten knew that they were coming, had known about their plans, had been able to stop them. But know there wasn't an army to stop the thieves. Nobody to save dad.


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