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-One of my favorite words is "petrichor."
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-I'm Marvel trash, and I'm honestly okay with it. Bucky Barnes owns me.
-I highly recommend any Cassandra Clare book. She will make and break your life.
-I am *a little* obsessed with Supernatural. I may have written some Destiel fanfiction.
-Everything Kevin Kantor has written is amazing, and no one can tell me otherwise.
- Stories are so much more than words thrown on paper or codes in a computer--they are places to visit and people to meet.
-Really bad at social media.
-I drew the drawings that I usually have as my profile picture.
-I'm making up a poetry book to publish!

The Ash Award

February 23, 2019


My friend N. (who is in my fourth period lunch at school) is holding a contest over on her profile. Surprisingly, she has named it after me, and we are now holding The Ash Award Contest together. My friend is amazing, and you should definitely submit something for the contest. It's definitely worth your time.

We have two prompts to choose from, and you can post one work for each prompt--meaning, you can have two submissions.

N and I will be splitting up the judging, and we will be giving reviews, likes, and follows to the places of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. There will be three winners for each of the two prompts. (More info here, on the official post on N's profile.)

The Ash Award is a completely separate place holding. I will solely be judging that. The Ash Award can go to any submission, even if it already won a spot in the top three.

Here comes information!

I am judging The Ash Award on duality, creativity, quality, and if it makes my pitch black heart feel something.

Since there are two prompts, there will be two winners of The Ash Award.

One review of a work of your choice.
One review of a work of my choice
Advice/criticism/help with one work
Shoutout in my bio as the winner of The Ash Award
1 follow from ADM

There is more information on N's profile about each prompt, hashtags to tag your work with, and the rewards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Remember to submit the link to your work in the comments of N's post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask N or I. I look forward to seeing the entries!
Reminder: Go over to N.'s account to submit your response(s).
The link to N.'s post:


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